LONGMEADOW  14  BEVERLY  6                         06/15/2015  (STATE SEMI-FINAL)

Lancers are now one game away from completing their mission. It was all business today for the Lancers who dominated every aspect of the game from start to finish. This season has never been about one person, but one team and one goal.  Longmeadow dominated face-offs, ground balls, shots, and team intensity. There is no need to single any defensive or offensive player out today. This season is all about TEAM.  Lancers now play Medfield Friday night as they go for their 20th State Championship in Boys Lacrosse. GO LANCERS. DO IT!

Goals: Will Lukas (5), Kevin Hussey (4), Matt DeMarche (1), Noah Skole (1), Kyle Gagne (1), Max Stukalin (1), Kris Campbell(1).

Asst: Max Stukalin (3), Matt DeMarche (2), Will Lukas (2), Kyle Gagne (1).

Saves: Matt Pierson (9).


LONGMEADOW 15 / ALGONQUIN 9                      6/12/2015      (PLAYOFFS)

The Lancers hit their stride today and dominated play against the Algonquin Tomahawks.  Longmeadow’s 15-9 win today improves their overall record to 21-3. Max Stukalin led all scorers with 5 goals. Playing well between restraining lines was Colin McClure and Kyle Gagne always looking to push forward. Defensively the team played well limiting the Tomahawks shots on goal. Longmeadow now plays in the state semi-final game on Monday the 15th against Beverly High School.

Goals: Max Stukalin (5), Will Lukas (3), Matt DeMarche (2), Kris Campbell (2), Kevin Hussey (1), Colin McClure (1), Kyle Gagne (1).

Asst: Kyle Gagne (2), Will Lukas (2), Matt DeMarche (1), Colin McClure (1). Connor Ostander (1).

Saves: Matt Pierson (4)


LONGMEADOW  8  /  ST JOHN’S  7   (OT)              6/10/15  (PLAYOFFS) 

It was a breezy Wednesday evening, in Longmeadow  with many Longmeadow youth players and fans cheering on the Lancers against the always tough St. John’s of Srewsberry team. The Lancers go into halt-time with a 6-2 lead and all was good.  During the 2nd half the Lancers offense sputtered and with 4 minutes left in the game the Lancers now trailed 6-7. The game would soon become knotted on a superb move by Will Lukas, the junior captain dodged hard from X and with the quickest of insides spins found an opened and scores the tying goal with 3:10 left in the game. The game would go into OT and with just 2.5 seconds left in the game it was Captain Will Lukas sprinting from X and scoring the game winner


Goals:   Will Lukas (3), Kyle Gagne (1),Will Lukas (1), Isaac Chase (1), Nick Crews (1), Kris Campbell (1).

Asst:    Kyle Gagne (1), Isaac Chase (1), Pat Abad (1).

Saves:  Matt Pierson (10).



LONGMEADOW 14 / DOHERTY  3                      6/5/15  (PLAYOFF)

Lancers dominated this game from start to finish. It was an average performance at best for the Lancers.  Longmeadow lacked intensity in this game, which was clearly evident in their clearing game.  Usually Longmeadow clears the ball 85% of the time, today’s game 57%. Longmeadow will need to step it up big time against St. John’s on Tuesday. Kevin Hussey accounted for three Lancer goals and Max Stukalin 3 assist for the Lancers.

Goals: Kevin Hussey (3), Will Lukas (2), Kris Campbell (2), Brian wiles (2), Casey Samuelson (1), Max Stukalin (1), A. Pierre Pierre, (1), Kyle Gagne (1), Dom Santinello (1).   

Asst: Max Stukalin (3), Will Lukas (2), Kris Campbell (1), Brian Wiles (1), Kyle Gagne (1), Isaac Chase (1), Dan Cotnoir (1).

Saves: Matt Pierson (6).


LONGMEADOW 17 PITTSFIELD  0                     6/3/15      (2015 PLAYOFFS)

Lancers dominated this game from start to finish. This game allowed Longmeadow coaches an opportunity to work in some of the underclassmen, getting them some early playoff experience.  The Lancers now prepare for Doherty High this Friday in Longmeadow.

Goals: Will Lukas (4), Kevin Hussey (3), Brian wiles (2), Max Stukalin (1), Colin McClure (1), Casey Samuelson (1), Isaac chase (1), Jude Bonavita (1), Nick Mauer (1), Spencer Robbins (1), Clay Moseman (1).    

Asst: Will Lukas (3), Kris Campbell (1), Kevin Hussey (1), Brian Wiles (1),Matt Gay (1), Max Stukalin (1), Kyle Gagne (1), Spencer Robbins (1), Tiernan Ashe (1), Sam Byrne (1)

Saves: Letendre (7)


LONGMEADOW 5 / NORTHAMPTON                               5/27/15

In a rain shortened game the Lancers complete their 2015 league schedule with a record of 17-3 after defeating Northampton.  Not much to write about in this 19 minute game but here are a few stats.  Face-offs Max Stukalin 7 for 7, 5 players each scored 1 goal and Matt Pierson had 3 saves. First round of playoffs start on 6/2/2015 with the Lancers hosting the Pittsfield Generals. 

Goals: Will Lukas (1), Max Stukalin (1), Colin McClure (1), Noah Skole (1), Kyle Gagne (1).

Assists: Max Stukalin (2), Will Lukas (1).

Saves: Matt Pierson (3)


LONGMEADOW  13 / WESTFIELD  6                                5/26/15

In a battle of rivals, the Lancers used a strong defensive second half to pull away from a stingy Westfield squad. The difference in today’s game was the goalie match-up.  Matt Pierson continued his excellent play and recorded 8 saves for the Lancers. Offensively the Longmeadow team had 7 different players tallying goals with Kevin Hussey accounting for 5 of the 13 goals. Next up is Northampton Wednesday in the season final game before playoffs.

Goals: Kevin Hussey (5), Will Lukas (2), Max Stukalin (2), Kyle Gagne (1), Colin McClure (1), Nick Crews (1), Noah Skole (1).

Assists: Will Lukas (5), Max Stukalin (2), Sam Byrne (1).

Saves: Matt Pierson (8).



LONGMEADOW 18 / SOUTH HADLEY  8                                5/22/15

The Lancers got the offense up to speed early and often taking down the South Hadley Tigers by a score of 18-8. The Lancers improve to 15-3 with today’s home victory. The scoring was spread between 7 different offensive players. Freshman Noah Skole tallied 6 times for the Lancers on 8 shots. Sam Byrne did a nice job on face-offs and ground balls.  Overall a good warm-up for Tuesday nights game against the Bombers of Westfield.

Goals: Noah Skole (6), Kevin Hussey (3), Kyle Gagne (3), Will Lukas (2), Max Stukalin (2), Connor Ostrander (1), Brian Wiles (1).

Assists: Will Lukas (3), Noah Skole (2) Spencer Robbins (2), Max Stukalin (1), Josh Goldberg (1), Kyle Gagne (1).

Saves: Pierson (2), Letendre (3). 


LONGMEADOW 11 / AGAWAM  6                                              5/20/15

The Lancers were lucky today with an 11-6 victory over a stingy Agawam defense. Lancers held a one goal lead 6-5 going into halftime.  During the 3rd quarter Longmeadow out scored the Brownies 3-0 to take a four goal lead 9-5 which was enough for a hard fought victory.   Agawam dominated the face-off game winning 14 of 22 face-offs. Lancers were without starting goalie Matt Pierson, along with two other starters who were all out do to injuries.  I think Coach Campbell was just happy to get the win and start gearing up for rivals South Hadley and Westfield.   so they never Today’s game was deadlocked for 3 quarters and stayed that way until
Goals: Will Lukas (2), Max Stukalin (2), Matt DeMarche  (2), Noah Skole (2), Colin McClure (1), Kevin Hussey (1), Kris Campbell (1). .

Assists: Will Lukas (3), Max Stukalin (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Rocco Casaceli (1).

Saves: Letendre  (7)


LONGMEADOW 14/  ST. JOHN’S SHREWSBURY  6                     5/16/2015

Lancer play one of their best games of the year.  Defense was excellent and offense had many good looks on the cage. Defensively Kiernan Mulcahy, Nick Crews, and Pattie Abad were rock solid.  Offensively it was the Max Stukalin show scoring 5 times on 10 shots; along with winning 72% Goalie Matt Pierson saved 12 in goal for the Lancers. Next up the Agawam Brownies on Wednesday.

Goals: Max Stukalin (5), Will Lukas (3), Noah Skole (2), Kris Campbell (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Kyle Gagne (1), Colin McClure (1).

Asst: Will Lukas (4), Max Stukalin (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Kris Campbell (1).

Saves: Matt Pierson (12).


LONGMEADOW 19 / AMHERST  5                                        5/14/15

The Lancers got the offense up to speed early and often taking down the Amherst Hurricanes by a score of 19-5. The Lancers improve to 12-3 with today’s road victory. The scoring was spread between 12 different offensive players, all made possible by a number of different face-off men, who won 75% of their face-offs. Lancers now prepare to play St. John’s of Shrewsberry on the road this Saturday. Go Lancers!

Goals: Max Stukalin (3), Will Lukas (3), Kyle Gagne (2), Isaac Chase (2), Spencer Robbins (2), Matt DeMarche (1), Kris Campbell (1), Josh Goldberg (1), Nick Maurer (1), Kevin Hussey (1), Brian wiles (1), Tiernan Ashe (1).

Assists: Will Lukas (3), Casey Samuelson (2) Max Stukalin (1), Colin McClure (1), Noah Skole (1), Kyle Gagne (1), Isaac Chase (1).

Saves: Joe Letendre (5), Matt Pierson (1).


LONGMEADOW   12   /   MINNECHAUG     5                              5/11/15

What started out as a competitive game, ended up a tad bit lopsided.  The Lancers ended the 1st half with a 4-3 lead over the Falcons, but the 2nd half was a different story.  The Lancers went on an 8-2 run during the 2nd half, which was spearheaded by our defensive team including goalie Matt Pierson.  Sophomore Pat Abad picked off numerous balls heading for the crease which in turn lead to a few fast break goals.  Sophomore attackman Kris Campbell lead the team in tallies with 4 goals. Stukalin and McClure were solid on face-offs and goalie Matt Pierson played big saving 7.  Looking ahead the Lancers prepare for Saturdays match-up against St. John’s of Shrewsberry.

Goals:   Kris Campbell (4),  Max Stukalin (3), Will Lukas (2), Noah Skole (2), Nick Crews (1).

Asst:    Will Lukas (7), Max Stukalin (2).

Saves:  Matt Pierson (7).


LANCERS   11    PINKERTON  14                 5/9/2015

The action was back and forth on both ends of the field, with each team keeping the game tight, but at the end it was Pinkerton pulling away.  At the end of 3 periods it was Longmeadow 10 and Pinkerton 9. In the forth quarter the Lancers allowed a couple of soft goals, one by the Pinkerton goalie, which eventually was the straw that broke the camels back. Matt Pierson played superb accounting for 14 saves and a ground ball. Leading the scoring for Longmeadow were juniors Will Lukas and Max Stukalin netting 7 of the Lancers goals. Next up league rival Minnechaug. 

Goals:    Will Lukas (4), Max Stukalin (3), Noah Skole (2), Kevin Hussey (1), Kris Campbell (1). 
Asst:      Max Stukalin (3), Matt DeMarche  (2), Kris Campbell (1).

Saves:    Matt Pierson (14).


LONGMEADOW  10 / WESTFIELD   8              5/7/2015

The Lancers improved to 10-2 today with a hard fought win over the Westfield bombers.   Scoring today was balanced with 8 different players scoring goals.  Josh Goldberg came up big with some big face-off wins late in the game. Freshman Noah Skole scores a huge goal late in the fourth quarter to pull the Lancers ahead by 2 goals. Next up Pinkerton Academy Saturday afternoon in Longmeadow.

Goals: Kevin Hussey (2), Max Stukalin (2), Will Lukas (1), Kyle Gagne (1), Noah Skole (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Isaac Chase (1),Colin McClure (1).

Assists: Kris Campbell (4), Max Stukalin (1), Colin McClure (1).

Saves: Matt Pierson (8)

LONGMEADOW 14 / SOUTH HADLEY 6                             5/4/15

Lancers improved their record to 9-2 this evening over an improving South Hadley team.  This game was quite the sleeper, both teams lacked intensity.  At this point in the season the Lancer are still struggling running their offensive sets. Longmeadow fans are patiently waiting for this plane to take-off. Colin McClure played a solid game with 2 goals, 4 ground balls and won 50% of his face-offs.  Big game Thursday against an undefeated Westfield team.

Goals: Kris Campbell (4), Matt DeMarche (3), Colin McClure (2), Kyle Gagne (2), Will Lukas  (1), Max Stukalin (1), Isaac Chase (1).

Assists: Max Stukalin (3), Isaac Chase (2), Will Lukas (1).

Saves: Matt Pierson (10), Josh Zak (3). 


LONGMEADOW  9 /  GLASTONBURY   8        4/29/2015

Tonight the boys showed up to play. In a hard fought battle the Lancers score the game winner with 1:03 left in the 4th quarter.  It was McClure to Lukas to Santinello who scores the 9th and deciding goal.  The 2015 Lancers seem to thrive in the unsettled situation always finding the open player. Payer of the game today was goalie Matt Pierson. Matt records 19 saves and scoops up two ground balls. In a big improvement the Lancers kept the turnovers down, allowing them to take 31 shots during the game.  The clearing game which led to many of the Lancers goals was solid thanks to DeMarche, Stukalin, Cotnoir and Crews.

Goals: Will Lukas (2), Max Stukalin (2), Dom Santinello (2), Kyle Gagne (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Isaac Chase  (1).

Asst: Matt DeMarche (2), Max Stukalin (1), Will Lukas (1), Dom Santinello (1).

Saves: Matt Pierson (19).


LONGMEADOW 15 / CATHEDRAL  5                4/27/2015

It wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win. After falling behind 0-2 early in the first quarter, the Lancers were able to painfully battle back to a 4-3 halftime lead. Leading the Lancers offense today were Will Lukas and Kevin Hussey each netting 3 goals. Max Stukalin and Colin McClure did a nice job on face-offs. The scariest statistic of this game was the 26 turnovers by the Lancers.  The Lancers are now averaging 15 turnovers per game. The Lancers now prepare for a tough battle against Glastonbury this Wednesday night in Longmeadow.  

Goals: Kevin Hussey (3), Will Lukas (3), Matt DeMarche (2), Kris Campbell (2), Max Stukalin  (2), Dom Santinello (1), Brian Wiles (1), Noah Skole (1).

Asst: Will Lukas (4), Kris Campbell (1), Kevin Hussey (1), Dom Santinello (1), Max Stukalin (1), Kyle Gagne (1), Spencer Robbins (1)..

Saves: Matt Pierson (8).


LANCERS LOSE TO SIMSBURY 5-10       4/20/2015

April vacation has not gotten off to a great start for the Lancers who just dropped their second game in two days.  After playing a sloppy first half and finding themselves tied at 4-4 you’d think they would be able to pull away from Simsbury in the second half, but not so. Longmeadow continued their sloppy play into the second half and ended the game with 17 turnovers in all. Lancers committed 5 penalties which led to 4 man-up goals by Simsbury. Offensively the Lancer only had 17 shot attempts for the game. Max Stukalin led all scorers with 3 goals and Matt DeMarche was the only player with an assist today. Next up Shrewsbury on Wednesday the 22nd of April.

Goals: Max Stukalin (3), Dom Santinello (1), Will Lukas (1).

Assists: Matt DeMarche (1).

Saves: Matt Pierson (7).


LONGMEADOW 11 / SHREWSBURY 6        4/22/15

An improving LHS squad kicked it into gear in the second quarter and ended the 1st half with a 6-1 lead. After 3 quarters of play it was the Lancers 8-1. Coach Campbell took advantage of playing a young Shrewsbury team and got some quality minutes for many of the younger Lancers players.  Max Stukalin dominated face-offs winning 11 of 12 and picked up 13 ground balls along the way.  The Lancers continue having turnover issues something that needs to be fixed by the time playoffs arrive.  Lancers now prepare for undefeated Cathedral on Monday night.

Goals: Dom Santinello (3), Matt DeMarche (2), Max Stukalin (2), Will Lukas (2), Colin McClure (1), Kris Campbell (1). 

Assists: Matt DeMarche (2), Will Lukas (2), Kris Campbell (1), Max Stukalin (1).    

Saves: Matt Pierson (7)


LONGMEADOW 4 / BOSTON COLLEGE HIGH 11                4/19/2015

There’s not a whole bunch that can be said about today’s game.  The Lancer’s offense was stymied today by the Boston College defense. Defensively BC High was a step ahead of the Lancer offense challenging most every shot with excellent slides. The Lancer defense on the other hand seemed flat, allowing BC’s attackmen to look like All-Americans. All in all I know the 2015 Lancers are a better team than the scored showed today. Monday is another day and another team to prepare for. A bright spot today for the Lancers was their face-off game. Max Stukalin and Colin McClure won 11 out of 18 face-offs, nice job boys. Longmeadow now prepares for Simsbury Monday the 20th of April.

Goals: Issac Chase (1), Max Stukalin (1), Will Lukas (1), Dom Santinello (1).

Asst: Kris Campbell (1), Max Stukalin (1).

Saves: Matt Pierson (7)


LONGMEADOW 15 / AMHERST 1                     4/17/15

The Lancers overwhelmed visiting Amherst 15-1. Longmeadow built up a 7 goal lead after one quarter of play and never looked back. This game allowed Longmeadow coaches an opportunity to work with a few new faces. Colin McClure handled the majority of face-offs tonight winning 7 out of 8. Dan Cotnoir and Joey Fratini made their presense felt on defense playing the body well and making aggressive stick checks. Offensively it was senior Kevin Hussey netting 4 on 5 shots.

Goals: Kevin Hussey (4), Kris Campbell (3), Colin McClure (2), Will Lukas (1), Casey Samuelson (1), Max Stukalin (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Kyle Gagne (1), Isaac Chase (1).

Assists: Will Lukas (5), Matt DeMarche (2), Max Stukalin (1), Kevin Hussey (1), Dan Cotnoir (1), Josh Goldberg (1).

Saves: Pierson (1), Zak (1), Letendre (8).


LONGMEADOW 17 / WEST SIDE 4        4/15/15

An improving LHS squad kicked it into gear in the second half and easily handled West Springfield by a score of 17 to 4 on a beautiful spring day. Coach Campbell took advantage of playing a young West Springfield team and rested many of his starters.  Leading the scoring this evening was attackman Kevin Hussey tallying 5 times.  Scoring was spread between 10 offensive players. Lancers now prepare for the Amherst Hurricanes Friday night.

Goals: Kevin Hussey (5), Will Lukas (3), Spencer Robbins (2), Dom Santinello (1), Max Stukalin (1), Brian Wiles (1), Noah Skole (1), Sam Byrne (1), Kris Campbell (1), Casey Samuelson (1).

Assists: Will Lukas (2), Kris Campbell (2), Noah Skole (1), Nick Maurer (1), Pat Abad (1), Pierce Leveillee (1).   

Saves: Letendre (2).


LONGMEADOW  8 / MINNECHAUG  5                4/14/2015

It wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win. Leading 4-0 after the 1st period of play the Lancers went into a 2 quarter funk.  The 2nd and 3rd quarters were filled with turnovers, penalties, and in general sloppy play. The one bright spot during the game was the Lancer defense. They played smart and physical. There was not one Minnechaug player that was untouched going down the middle. Offensively the Lancer had a bad shooting day scoring 8 times on 33 attempts. Let’s consider today’s game as an off day for the Lancer offense and give the defense their due credit for today’s victory.  Next up West Springfield.

Goals: Will Lukas (2), Max Stukalin (2), Matt DeMarche (1), Kris Campbell (1), Dom Santinello (1), Colin McClure (1).

Asst: Max Stukalin (2), Will Lukas (1), Kris Campbell (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Kiernan Mulcahy (1).

Saves: Matt Pierson (7).


LONGMEADOW  9  ALGONQUIN 2        4/11/2015                               

Finally the season begins!  The Lancers entered today’s game with very little pre-season field practice and it showed.  The offense started off a bit slow but found some rhythm in the second half. Longmeadow entered half-time with a 3-0 lead.  Defensively the Lancers were solid.  Joey Fratini and Kiernan Mulcahy kept the crease clear all day, playing extremely physical throughout.  Offensively the scoring was spread between 7 different players, Will Lukas leading the way with 3 goals.  Max Stukalin and Matt DeMarche dominated ground balls accounting for a combined 9. Next up for the Lancers is Minnechaug.

Goals: Will Lukas (3), Matt DeMarche (1), Dom Santinello (1), Josh Goldberg  (1), Connor Ostrander (1), Isaac Chase (1), Kyle Gagne (1).

Assists: Will Lukas (2), Kris Campbell (1), Max Stukalin (1), Dom Santinello (1). 

Saves: Pierson (11).


LONGMEADOW 21 / ALGONQUIN  4                       5/30/14  (2014 PLAYOFFS)

Lancers dominated this game from start to finish. Longmeadow was a bit rusty at the start but played solid for the majority of the game. William Lukas had many nice looks and took advantage of them with a five goal performance. Drew Kelleher, Cam Kelleher and Max Stukalin each tallied three times for the Lancers. Defensively Ryan, Leveillee, Cotnoir, Falcone, Casaceli, Cruz, Samuelson, and Mulcahy all played well for the Lancers.  Longmeadow now faces the Bombers from Westfield on Tuesday night.

Goals: Will Lukas (5), Max Stukalin (3), Drew Kelleher (3), Cam Kelleher (3), Matt DeMarche (1), Zach Lukas (1), Kevin Hussey (1), Myles Smith (1), Kyle Gagne (1), Connor Ostrander (1), Rocco Casaceli (1).

Asst: Cam Kelleher (3), Will Lukas (2), Matt DeMarche (2), Zach Lukas (1), Myles Smith (1), Max Stukalin (1), Kyle Gagne (1).

Saves: Matt Draymore (4).


LONGMEADOW 20 / TANTASQUA 2       5/27/14       (2014 PLAYOFFS)

Lancers dominated this game from start to finish. The game ended with 2 minutes left in the 3rd due to severe weather conditions. It was the under classmen leading the way today scoring 14 of the 20 goals. The Lancers now prepare for Algonquin this Friday in Longmeadow.


Goals: Cam Kelleher (6), Max Stukalin (4), Will Lukas (3), Myles Smith (3), Drew Kelleher (2), Kyle Gagne (1), Connor Ostrander (1).

Asst: Will Lukas (3), Cam Kelleher (2), Drew Kelleher (2), Matt DeMarche (1).

Saves: Draymore (3).


LONGMEADOW 21 / AMHERST 1                     5/15/14

In the final regular season game before playoffs, the Lancers overwhelmed visiting Amherst 21-1. Longmeadow built up a 5 goal lead after one quarter of play and never looked back. This game allowed Longmeadow coaches an opportunity to work with a few new faces. Colin McClure handled the majority of face-offs tonight winning 12 out of 23. Kiernan Mulcahy and Devin Samuelson made their presense felt on defense playing the body well and making aggressive stick checks. Offensively it was senior Johnnie Falcone netting 2 on 4 shots. The Lancers finish the regular season at 19-1 and now wait to hear on playoffs seeding.

Goals: Drew Kelleher (5), Cam Kelleher (4), Kris Campbell (2), Myles Smith (2), Johnnie Falcone (2), Will Lukas (1), Reid Leveillee (1), Rocco Casacelli (1), Josh Goldberg (1), Colin McClure (1), Isaac Chase (1).

Assists: Will Lukas (3), Drew Kelleher (2), Cam Kelleher (2), Matt DeMarche (1), Kyle Gagne (1).

Saves: Draymore (1)


LONGMEADOW 11  /  ALGONQUIN 2          5/14/2014                        

The Lancers hit their stride today and dominated play against the Algonquin Tomahawks.  Longmeadow’s 11-2 win today improves their overall record to 18-1. Scoring was balanced today between the attackmen and the midfielders. Defensively the team played well but did commit 6 penalties. Lancers executed man down defense flawlessly stopping the Tomahawks on all 6 attempts.  This coming Thursday is Senior Night and the Lancers’ final regular season game.

Goals: Will Lukas (2), Myles Smith (2), Cam Kelleher (2), Colin McClure (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Drew Kelleher (1), Max Stukalin (1), Kris Campbell (1).

Asst: Drew Kelleher (3), Will Lukas (2), Matt DeMarche (1), Kyle Gagne (1).

Saves: Matt Draymore (7)


LONGMEADOW 19 / NORTHAMPTON  3       5/13/14

Longmeadow continues to roll. Heading down the home stretch the Lancers continue winning games handily. What has changed over the past couple of weeks? The Lancers now come out strong and continue throughout the game. This game was nearly out of reach at halftime with the Lancers up 11-2. Northampton had few answers for the Lancers offense today. Max Stukalin did a nice job at face-offs allowing Drew Kelleher a night off.  Next up for the Lancers are the Algonquin Tomahawks Wednesday night.

Goals: Drew Kelleher (4), Cam Kelleher (3), Myles Smith (2), Matt DeMarche (2), Max Stukalin (2), Reid Leveillee (2), Will Lukas (1), Josh Goldberg (1), Kyle Gagne (1), Kris Campbell (1).

Assists: Will Lukas (6), Matt DeMarche (2), Dan Cotnoir (2), Drew Kelleher (1), Cam Kelleher (1).

Saves: Matt Pierson (1), Evan Novak (3).


LONGMEADOW  12 / MINNECHAUG 5             5/12/2014

The Lancers improved to 16-1 today with a hard fought win over the Minnechaug Falcons. Scoring today was balanced with 5 separate players scoring multiple goals.  Drew Kelleher won 20 out of 21 face-offs allowing the Lancers to dominate time of possession. Defensively the team started slow but finished well. Next game Tuesday night in Northampton.

Goals: Drew Kelleher (3), Cam Kelleher (2), Will Lukas (2), Max Stukalin (2), Max Chipouras (2), Matt DeMarche (1).

Assists: Will Lukas (4), Drew Kelleher (2), Myles Smith (1), Kyle Gagne (1), Max Stukalin (1).

Saves: Draymore (5)


LONGMEADOW 11  /  ST. JOHN’S SHREWSBURY  6   5/09/2014

Tonight the boys showed up to play. Offensively it was the extra pass that made all the difference. Most goals were scored from the crease area in front of the goalie, classic 2013 championship team style.  Leading the offense was Drew Kelleher’s 6 goals and Will Lukas’s 5 assists.   Connor Ostrander did a nice job scooping up ground balls for the Lancers. Defensively we slid well to cover St. John’s attackmen and did a much better job playing the body. But it was Matt Draymore who stole the show defensively making 11 saves and playing big between the posts. Next up the Algonquin Tomahawks this Saturday.

Goals: Drew Kelleher (6), Max Stukalin (2), Cam Kelleher (1), Kris Campbell (1), Myles Smith (1).

Asst: Will Lukas (5), Max Stukalin (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Myles Smith (1).

Saves: Matt Draymore (11).


LONGMEADOW  9 / WESTFIELD  3                         5/8/14

In a battle of rivals, the Lancers used a strong defensive second half to pull away from a stingy Westfield squad. The fact that the Lancers had 9 penalties tonight did not help the cause. At this point last year the Lancers were a well oiled machine, as of today they’re still looking for their mojo.  Big game Friday night against an undefeated St. John’s team, go Lancers.

Goals: Cam Kelleher (3), Drew Kelleher (3), Max Stukalin (2), Kyle Gagne (1).

Assists: Will Lukas (2), Max Stukalins (2), Drew Kelleher (1), Myles Smith (1).

Saves: Draymore (10).


LONGMEADOW 14 / SOUTH HADLEY 4                             5/5/14

Lancers improved their record to 13-1 this evening over an improving South Hadley team.  This game was played without any emotion from either team which provided many of the parents the opportunity to send out a few emails and text messages. Leading the scoring today was Drew Kelleher with 6 goals.  Matt Draymore played well at goal with 12 saves. 

Goals: Drew Kelleher (6), Cam Kelleher (2), Myles Smith (2), Will Lukas (1), Dan Cotnoir (1), Max Stukalin (1), Matt DeMarche (1).

Assists: Cam Kelleher (3), Max Stukalin (2), Will Lukas (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Drew Kelleher (1), Myles Smith (1).

Saves: Draymore (12)


LONGMEADOW  9  /  MEDFIELD   10                     5/3/14

It was a breezy Saturday night, in Medfield, with many Longmeadow youth players and fans cheering on the Lancers against the always tough Medfield Warriors. The action was back and forth on both ends of the field, with each team keeping the game tight.  It was the Lancers midfielders leading the scoring today with 6 of the 9 goals. Max Stukalin and Myles Smith accounted for 6 of these Lancers goals.  At the end of 3 periods of play the game was tied 8-8. Medfield on a soft goal with 5 minutes left in the game takes their very first lead at 10-9. The final 5 minutes of the game was electric, it had all the makings of an over-time game. Unfortunately for the Lancers a couple of turnovers and some superb goaltending from the Medfield goalie was just enough for tonight’s 10-9 victory and the Lancers first loss in two years. 

Goals:    Max Stukalin (4), Myles Smith (2), Will Lukas (1), Cam Kelleher (1), Kris Campbell (1).

Asst:      Max Stukalin (1), Will Lukas (1), Kris Campbell (1).

Saves:    Matt Draymore  (2).



LONGMEADOW 21 / EAST LONGMEADOW 1                 5/2/14

An improving LHS squad easily handled East Longmeadow by a score of 21 to 1 on a cloudy Thursday afternoon in Longmeadow. The game was never in doubt.  The Lancers out shot the Spartans by a 10 to 1 margin and had continued pressure on the Spartans goalies throughout the game. Leading the offense today were Drew Kelleher (7 pts) and Will Lukas (7 pts).

Goals:   Drew Kelleher (5), Will Lukas (4), Matt DeMarche (2),  Max Stukalin (2),  Cam Kelleher (2), Kyle Gagne (2), Rocco Casacelli (1), Myles Smith (1), Josh Goldberg (1), Connor Ostrander (1).

Assists:  Will Lukas (3), Drew Kelleher (2), Kyle Gagne (2), Cam Kelleher (2), Matt DeMarche (1), Myles Smith (1), Josh Goldberg (1).

Saves: Draymore (2).


LONGMEADOW 24 / AGAWAM  1               4/29/14


LONGMEADOW 12 / CATHEDRAL 0               4/28/14

It was all Lancer today, pounding on a depleted Cathedral team 12-0. Longmeadow built up a 7 goal lead after one quarter of play and never looked back. This game allowed Longmeadow coaches an opportunity to work with future face-off guys, Max Stukalin and Colin McClure.  When called upon both face-off men held their own, winning 10 out 12 from the X. Offensively and defensively there was not a whole bunch to write about, but the game did provide a playing opportunity for future starters.  Lancers improve their record to 10-0 as they prepare for their battle with Eastern Mass rival the Medfield Warriors this Saturday at Medfield.

Goals: Will Lukas (4), Drew Kelleher (3), Kris Campbell (1), Kyle Gagne (1), Cam Kelleher (1), Kevin Hussey (1), Myles Smith (1).

Assists: Will Lukas (4), Cam Kelleher (2), Max Stukalin (2), Matt DeMarche (1), Kris Campbell (1), Rocco Casaceli (1).

Saves: Novak (1), Matt Pierson (1).



Lancers dominated this game from start to finish. Longmeadow was a bit rusty at the start but played solid for the majority of the game. Drew dominated face-offs and our ground ball effort was excellent. Nick Crews had a nice coast to coast goal early in the 4th quarter. Lancers now gear up for the Algonquin Tomahawks this Saturday in Longmeadow. 

Goals: Drew Kelleher (4), Isaac Chase (2), Matt DeMarche (2), Nick Crews (1), Josh Goldberg (1), Will Lukas (1), Max Stukalin (1), Myles Smith (1).

Asst: Will Lukas (3), Cam Kelleher (1), Josh Goldberg (1), Kiernan Mulcahy (1), Drew Kelleher (1).

Saves: Matt Draymore (1).


LONGMEADOW 18 / WEST SIDE 4        4/22/14

An improving LHS squad kicked it into gear in the second half and easily handled West Springfield by a score of 18 to 4 on a rainy Tuesday night. Coach Liebel took advantage of playing a young West Springfield team and rested many of his starters.  Leading the scoring this evening was the attack of Campbell, Hussey, and Santinello accounting for 10 of the 18 goals. Lancers now prepare for Northampton Thursday night.

Goals: Kris Campbell (4), Kevin Hussey (3), Dom Santinello (3), Max Chipouras (2), Josh Goldberg (1), Dylan Helmus (1), Johnnie Falcone (1), Dan Cotnoir (1), Reid Leveillee (1), Connor Ostrander (1).

Assists: Dom Santinello (3), Max Chipouras (2), Kris Campbell (2), Kevin Hussey (1), Kyle Gagne (1).

Saves: Matt Pierson (3)


LANCERS OVER PINKERTON 11-9      4/19/2014

April vacation just got off to a great start with Saturday’s 11-9 victory over Pinkerton Academy. After falling behind 0-3 early in the first quarter, the Lancers were able to painfully battle back to a 4-4 halftime score.  Matt Draymore had his best and most active game of the year.  Matt denied Pinkerton 11 times, 2 of the prettiest saves came late in the 4th quarter sealing the win for the Lancers.  Drew Kelleher won 78% of his face-offs and accounted for 11 ground balls.  All in all a hard fought battle.

Goals: Zach Lukas (2), Matt DeMarche (2), Drew Kelleher (2), Cam Kelleher (2), Will Lukas (1), Max Stukalin (1), Isaac Chase (1).

Assists: Zach Lukas (3), Will Lukas (2), Cam Kelleher (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Myles Smith (1), Max Stukalin (1).

Saves: Matt Draymore (11).


LONGMEADOW 13 / AMHERST 3           4/17/14

On a cold Thursday afternoon in Amherst, the offense got up to speed early and often taking down the Hurricanes by a score of 13-3. The Lancers ended the 1st quarter with a 6-0 lead and never looked back.  Coach Liebel used this early lead to get a few new faces into the scoring column. Junior Kiernan Mulcahy played well dodging from up top and freshman Kris Campbell proved he could find ways to get open around the crease. Lancers now head North to Derry, N.H. to play the Pinkerton Astro’s on Saturday.

Goals: Cam Kelleher(5), Max Stukalin(2), Max Chipouras (1), Myles Smith (1), Josh Goldberg (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Kiernan Mulcahy (1), Kris Campbell (1).

Assists: Max Stukalin (4), Will Lukas (3), Kris Campbell (1), Matt DeMarche (1).

Saves: Matt Draymore (2), Evan Novak (2), Matt Pierson (1).


LONGMEADOW 11 / MINNECHAUG 2         4/14/2014

It wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win. Sound familiar? Don’t get me wrong, we love beating Minnechaug, but we’re still waiting for the 2013 champions to show up. On the positive side Drew Kelleher won 15 of 16 face-offs and the defense played a much better man down defense. Looking forward, we head north to Amherst on Thursday and then to Derry N.H. on Saturday to play the Astros of Pinkerton Academy.

Goals: Drew Kelleher (4), Matt DeMarche (2), Max Stukalin (2), Myles Smith (2), Will Lukas (1).

Asst: Will Lukas (2), Max Stukalin (1), Cam Kelleher (1).

Saves: Matt Draymore (7)


LONGMEADOW 9 / BOSTON COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL  5                4/12/2014

It wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win. After falling behind 0-2 early in the first quarter, the Lancers were able to painfully battle back to a 4-3 halftime lead. Leading the Lancers offense today was Drew Kelleher with four goals. Defensively it was Jack Ryan’s 3 ground balls and forced takeaway leading the stingy Lancers defense.  The Lancers had 7 penalties which lead to 5 man-down goals for BC High. Longmeadow now prepares for its arch rival Minnechaug this Monday in Longmeadow.

Goals: Drew Kelleher (4), Max Stukalin (2), Zach Lukas (1), Cam Kelleher (1), Dom Santinello (1).

Asst: Will Lukas (2), Cam Kelleher (1), Zach Lukas (1), Drew Kelleher (1), Max Stukalin (1), Kyle Gagne (1).

Saves: Matt Draymore (8)


LONGMEADOW 12 / WESTFIELD 2     4/10/2014

The Lancers hit their stride today and dominated play against the Bombers of Westfield. Longmeadow winning today 12-2 and improves their overall record to 3-0. Myles Smith continues his early season success with his 2nd multi-goal game of the year. Freshman Cam Kelleher and Junior Matt DeMarche each netted 3 goals for the Lancers.  Solid defensive play as usual.  The game turned sloppy in the 2nd & 3rd periods. They’ll need to take better care of the ball on Saturday when they face Division 1 powerhouse BC High.

Goals: Matt DeMarche (3), Cam Kelleher (3), Myles Smith (2), Josh Goldberg (2), Will Lukas (1), Drew Kelleher (1).

Asst: Will Lukas (3), Kyle Gagne (2), Drew Kelleher (1).

Saves: Matt Draymore (5).


LONGMEADOW 16 / SOUTH HADLEY 1           4/07/13

The Lancers got the offense up to speed early and often taking down the South Hadley Tigers by a score of 16-1. The Lancers improve to 2-0 with today’s home victory. The scoring was spread between 9 different offensive players, all made possible by Drew Kelleher, who won 75% of his face-offs. The defense lead by returning starters Jack Ryan, Reid Leveillee, Nick Crews & Daniel Cotnoir accounted for 8 of the 10 Lancers forced turnovers. Overall a good warm-up for Thursday’s game against the Bombers of Westfield.

Goals: Myles Smith (3), Cam Kelleher (3), Drew Kelleher (2), Will Lukas (2), Dom Santinello (2), Matt DeMarche (1), Isaac Chase (1), Josh Goldberg (1), Bruce Tyler(1).

Assists: Will Lukas (7), Matt DeMarche (2) Drew Kelleher (1), Cam Kelleher (1).

Saves: Matt Draymore (1), Evan Novak (2), Matt Pierson


LONGMEADOW 10/ CANTERBURY  3                            4/02/14

Let the season begin!  The Lancers entered today’s game with very little pre-season field practice and it showed.  The offense was a bit slow on their passing game and had more than a few dropped passes.  Defensively the Lancers were solid.  Reid Leveillee and Jack Ryan accounted for 5 forced turnovers and kept the crease clear all afternoon.  In an extremely physical game, Longmeadow held up just fine.

Goals: Zach Lukas (4), Drew Kelleher (3), Myles Smith (1), Will Lukas (1), Matt DeMarche (1).

Assists: Zach Lukas (2), Will Lukas (2), Max Stukalin (1), Myles Smith (1).

Saves: Draymore (8).


Six players from state champion Longmeadow named to The Republican’s All-Scholastic boys lacrosse first team
Jason Remillard, The Republican, July 12, 2013 8 p.m.

KEVIN BARRY, Longmeadow: The senior attackman returned to the Lancers after two years away and was the team’s top goal scorer with 55; possesses a very fast and hard shot; scored four goals in semifinal win over Amherst and five in quarterfinal win over Agawam; had streak of five games with three goals or more.

KEEGAN DUDECK, Longmeadow: The senior midfielder was fourth on the Lancers in points (55) and third in goals (38); had five goals in state championship victory over Medfield; repeat first-team selection; ESPN Boston first-team All-State; will study engineering and play lacrosse at Western New England; selected to BostonLax.Net All-America Game.

DREW KELLEHER, Longmeadow: The junior midfielder was one of the top faceoff men in the area; also tallied 38 goals (tied for third on team) and 21 assists; four goals in state semifinal victory over St. John’s of Shrewsbury; selected to BostonLax.Net All-America Game; ESPN Boston second-team All-State. 

REID LEVEILLEE, Longmeadow: The junior defender earned a second straight selection to the first team; recorded only one assist, but his true strength is his effective play against the opposing team’s top attackman; vital role in limiting South Hadley to only two second-half goals in Western Mass. final; ESPN Boston honorable mention All-State. 
ZACH LUKAS, Longmeadow: The junior attackman led the state champion Lancers in assists (49) and points (101) and was second with 52 goals; tallied twice each in Western Mass. semifinal against Amherst and final against South Hadley; five goals in regular-season win over Minnechaug. 

JACK RYAN, Longmeadow: The junior defender played an integral role in the Lancers’ run to the state championship; scored one goal this season; strong one-on-one player; important role in shutting down Agawam in tournament quarterfinal. 

Leveillee, Gurzenski receive All-American Honors, Liebel named Coach of the Year

US Lacrosse recently announced their annual award recipients from Western Massachusetts. High school varsity lacrosse coaches from across the region gather at the end of the regular season to vote on these awards.

Reid Leveillee named “All-American”. The junior defenseman was one of only four players to receive this honor from Western Massachusetts and is the only junior in the group. Reid had an outstanding year as a close defender, anchoring one of the best defenses in the state. Reid is the 39th player from Longmeadow High School to receive this honor since the program started in 1970.

Noah Gurzenski named “Academic All-American”. The senior goalie was one of only two players selected this year to receive this honor from Western Massachusetts. Players are chosen for their outstanding performance in the classroom, as well as their contributions on the athletic field. Noah has always been a leader in both. His efforts in cage during the Western Mass semi-finals vs. Amherst, was one of the finest performances ever by a Longmeadow goalie.

Ryan Liebel named “Coach of the Year”. It was the obvious choice that first year Longmeadow Coach Ryan Liebel receive the “Coach of the Year” award after he led the Lancers to a perfect 25-0 season and the programs 19th State Championship in boys lacrosse. He set high goals for the team and demanded much from his players. His ability to teach, motivate and inspire these young men lead to them exceeding everyone’s expectations.

Congratulations to all !!!

Lancers down Medfield 10-7 in State Finals 

Outstanding effort by all, especially senior Keegan Dudeck, Matt Draymore and the defense. See writeups and videos of the game below.

Goals: Keegan Dudeck (5), Max Stukalin (1), Zach Lukas (1), Drew Kelleher (1), Matt DeMarche (1).

Asst: Zach Lukas (1).

Saves: Matt Draymore (9).

Article from the Boston Globe

Liebel Leads Lancers to Perfection in 1st Season as Coach

Perfect Ending to a Perfect Season (VIDEO)

Link to John Polak’s Photos of Championship Game ( Thank you John!!)

Boston Herald Story

LONGMEADOW  15  / ST. JOHN’S SHREWSBURY   6    (State Semi-Finals)      06/12/2013

Lancers are now one game away from completing their mission. It was all business today for the Lancers who dominated every aspect of the game from start to finish. This season has never been about one person, but one team and one goal. This team is a coach’s dream team. Relentless, methodical, smart, hard working and unselfish. Combine this with a coach who has incredible passion for the game and a strong commitment to his players, and you get one heck of a team. There is no need to single any defensive or offensive player out today. This season is all about TEAM.  Lancers now play Medfield Friday night as they go for their 19th State Championship in Boys Lacrosse. GO LANCERS. DO IT!

Goals: Drew Kelleher (4), Matt DeMarche (3), Eric Barsalou (2), Will Lukas (2), Max Stukalin (1), Myles Smith (1), Kevin Barry (1), Keegan Dudeck (1).

Asst: Zach Lukas (5), Max Stukalin (2), Eric Barsalou (1), Drew Kelleher (1).

Saves: Matt Draymore (9).

LONGMEADOW 10 / SOUTH HADLEY 6           (Western Mass Finals)    6/8/2013

Lancers complete their Western-Mass mission with a hard fought victory over the South Hadley Tigers, winning the Western Mass title by a score of 10-6. It’s been said that beating a team 3 times during a season is a tall task, but the 2013 Lancers put in a great effort and did just that. Matt Draymore was on fire today making 14 saves against a high powered South Hadley offense. His clearing passes were dead on which helped the Lancers control the middle of the field. With Keegan Dudeck not playing due to injury, senior Eric Barslaou stepped up and netted 3 goals, all of which came in the first half. The second half was a defensive battle with both teams only scoring twice. It was here where goalie Matt Draymore shined, making 9 of his 14 saves.   Lancers now play Tuesday night in the state semi-final game against St. John’s of Shrewsbury.

Goals: Eric Barsalou (3), Zach Lukas (2), Will Lukas (2), Jack Ryan (1), Drew Kelleher (1), Kevin Barry (1).  

Asst: Zach Lukas (3), Max Stukalin (1), Will Lukas (1), Drew Kelleher (1).

Saves: Matt Draymore (14).

LONGMEADOW 13 / AMHERST  3      (Western Mass Semi-Finals)    6/4/2013

Tonight the boys showed up to play. Defensively they played great, playing the body, communicating and being aggressive. Thanks to Drew Kelleher’s face-off wins and outstanding team defense our offense control the ball for ¾ of the game. Amherst was stingy early but the Lancers continued to ride hard and battle for loose balls, which eventually wore down the Amherst defense. Half-time was the tell tale. At half-time the Lancer coaches kept the boys standing and engaging in two separate huddles. Longmeadow remained focused and dominated the entire second half. Offensively Kevin Barry tallied 4 times on nice, hard, off side bounce shots. Kuddos to Matt Draymore and Noah Gurzenski for outstanding play in goal.

Goals: Kevin Barry (4), Matt DeMarche (2), Zach Lukas (2), Eric Barsalou(2), Keegan Dudeck(1), Drew Kelleher (1), Will Lukas (1).

Asst: Zach Lukas (1), Keegan Dudeck (1), Will Lukas (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Max Stukalin (1).

Saves: Matt Draymore (4), Noah Gurzenski (5).

LONGMEADOW 17 / Agawam 4         (WESTERN MASS QTR FINALS)   5/30/13

Lancers dominated this game from start to finish. Longmeadow was a bit rusty at the start but played solid for the majority of the game. Kevin Barry had many nice looks and took advantage of them with a five goal performance. Drew Kelleher and Myles Smith each tallied twice for the Lancers. Defensively Ryan, Leveillee, Cotnoir, Falcone, Casaceli, Cruz, Samuelson, Mulcahy and Gurzenski all played well for the Lancers.  Longmeadow now faces the Hurricanes from Amherst on Tuesday night. Game will be held at Chicopee Comp High School.  

Goals: Kevin Barry (5), Myles Smith (2), Drew Kelleher (2), Keegan Dudeck (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Eric Barsalou (1), Zach Lukas (1), Will Lukas (1), Max Stukalin (1), Josh Goldberg (1), Isaac Chase (1).  

Asst: Will Lukas (5), Zach Lukas (2), Max Stukalin (1), Keegan Dudeck (1), Josh Goldberg (1).

Saves: Noah Gurzenski (8).

LONGMEADOW 10 / WESTFIELD  5                  5/23/13     (End of Regular Season  20-0)

Tonight the boys showed up to play. Defensively they played great, playing the body, communicating and being aggressive. It was nice to see them finishing their slides. Offensively the passing game was crisp which led to many excellent looks and shots. The Lancers played their up-tempo game style which suits them well. Johnny Falcone played a nice physical game when he had his opportunities and of course Drew Kelleher’s success at face-offs was huge.  

Goals: Kevin Barry (3), Keegan Dudeck (3), Will Lukas (2), Myles Smith (1), Matt DeMarche (1).

Asst: Zach Lukas (3), Keegan Dudeck (1), Drew Kelleher (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Max Chipouras (1).

Saves: Matt Draymore (12), Noah Gurzenski (3).

LONGMEADOW 12 / SOUTH HADLEY 11   OT      5/22/13

With seven minutes left in the game and down by a score of 8-11, the Lancers rallied for 4 goals to beat South Hadley 12-11 in overtime.  Scoring during this period was Kevin Barry (2), Will Lukas and Keegan Dudeck with the game winner early in the overtime period.  This was a lucky win in a poorly played game. Ok, here’s a spectator’s take on the game; “defensemen played flat footed, never played the body, and never communicated with each other. Offensively, 20 yard shots rarely go in, there’s no “I” in team and making the extra pass is everything in lacrosse”. Drew Kelleher did a great job at face-offs especially from the 4th quarter on. Stuk, keep cutting and you’ll get feeds all day long. Aggressive and up tempo play both offensively and defensively will be what defines this 2013 Lancer team. We’re counting on a fired up Longmeadow team to end the regular season Friday night with a strong showing against Westfield and remaining undefeated.

Goals: Kevin Barry (4), Max Stukalin (2), Will Lukas (2), Eric Barsalou (1), Drew Kelleher (1), Myles Smith (1), Keegan Dudeck (1).  

Asst: Zach Lukas (4), Matt DeMarche (1), Max Stukalin (1), Kevin Barry (1), Keegan Dudeck (1).

Saves: Matt Draymore (9).

LONGMEADOW 17 / MINNECHAUG  7                 5/18/13

Longmeadow continues to roll. Heading down the home stretch the Lancers continue winning games handily. What has changed over the past couple of weeks? The Lancers now come out strong and continue throughout the game. This game was over at halftime with the Lancers up 10-2. Wilbraham had no answer for the Lancers offensive today, whether from the midfielders or attackmen, shots were plentiful. Back from his thumb injury, Noah Gruzenski played well at goal, making some nice saves. Lancers improve their record to 18-0 with South Hadley coming to town on Tuesday.

Goals: Zach Lukas (5), Drew Kelleher (4), Kevin Barry (4), Matt DeMarche (1), Eric Barsalou (1), Keegan Dudeck (1), Josh Goldberg (1).

Assists: Will Lukas (4), Drew Kelleher (2), Kevin Barry (1), Zach Lukas (1), Eric Barsalou (1), Max Stukalin (1).

Saves: Matt Draymore (6), Noah Gruzenski (3).

LONGMEADOW 10 / ST JOHN’S SHREWSBURY  8                5/15/2013

It wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win. After falling behind 0-3 early in the first quarter, the Lancers were able to painfully battle back to a 4-4 halftime score. Leading the Lancers offense today was Eric Barsalou’s three goals, along with fellow seniors Keegan Dudeck and Kevin Barry. The three seniors combined for 6 of the Longmeadow’s 10 goals. Field conditions were not the greatest today, but let’s just say the Lancers had an off day.  Longmeadow now prepares for its arch rival Minnechaug this Friday night.

Goals: Eric Barsalou (3), Kevin Barry (2), Keegan Dudeck (1), Drew Kelleher (1), Zach Lukas (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Max Chipourous (1)..

Asst: Zach Lukas (2), Will Lukas (1), Drew Kelleher (1), Keegan Dudeck (1).

Saves: Matt Draymore (10)

LONGMEADOW 16  MEDFIELD  1                                  5/12/13

What had been talk about as one of the best games of the season was anything but. Longmeadow got it going early and often with no game or fight back from Medfield. Whatever the reason for Medfields lack of play, traveling, tiredness, out played, or just a bad game, in my opinion the Lancers beat them 9 times out of 10 on any given day. Senior attackman Kevin Barry was on fire today scoring 5 goals and causing many turnovers in the offensive end. Defensively it was Leveillee, Ryan, Cotnoir and Draymore shutting the door on the Medfield offense. The Lancer improve to 16-0 with today’s win and play a high ranked St. John’s of Shrewsberry team on Wednesday.

Goals: Kevin Barry (5), Drew Kelleher (2), Max Chiporous (2), Keegan Dudeck (2), Zach Lukas (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Will Lukas (1), Max Stukalin (1), Eric Barsalou (1).

Asst: Zach Lukas (3), Will Lukas (3).

Saves: Draymore (9)

LONGMEADOW 13 / AMHERST 4                            5/7/13

Lancers improved their record to 15-0 this evening with a typical Lancer victory over the Canes of Amherst. Close game after the first half, make defensive adjustments in second half and win by plenty. A well balanced offensive effort today proved to be too much for the Lancer opponent. Goal scoring today had 5 different players with multiple scores, along with 4 players with multiple assists. Defensively the team played well but was not their best effort of the year. Lancers now prepare for Sunday’s game against the Warriors of Medfield. It looks to be a clash of two of Massachusetts top ranked teams.  

Goals: Drew Kelleher (3), Zach Lukas (2), Kevin Barry (2), Will Lukas (2), Keegan Dudeck (2), Myles smith (1), Matt DeMarche (1).

Assists: Matt DeMarche (2), Zach Lukas (2), Kevin Barry (2), Myles smith (2), Reid Leveillee (1), Max Stukalin (1).

Saves: Draymore (8).

LONGMEADOW 16 / CATHEDRAL 3                     5/06/13

In the final tune-up game before the yearend playoff run, the Lancers beat up on a struggling Cathedral team 16-3. Longmeadow built up a 10 goal lead after one quarter of play and never looked back. This game allowed Longmeadow coaches an opportunity to work with a few new faces at face-off. Max Stukalin, Kip Ehrenberg and Colin McClure all held their own when called upon to face-off. Offensively and defensively there was not a whole bunch to write about, but the game did provide a playing opportunity for future starters.  Lancers improve their record to 14-0 as they prepare for a couple of tough weeks ahead.

Goals: Zach Lukas (4), Drew Kelleher (3), Kevin Barry (2), Kyle Gagne (2), Will Lukas (1), Keegan Dudeck (1), Max Stukalin (1), Myles Smith (1), Isaac Chase (1).

Assists: Drew Kelleher (3), Kevin Barry (3), Zach Lukas (2), Will Lukas (2), Connor Ostrander (1), Max Stukalin (1).

Saves: Novak (8).

LONGMEADOW 14 / WEST SPRINGFIELD  6          5/03/13

Today’s game was an excellent opportunity to see many of Longmeadow’s up and coming lacrosse starters take to the field.  The Lancers highly favored over a young West Springfield team, made the best of it.  Freshman Kyle Gagne pumped in 3 goals for the Lancers followed by sophomore Keegan Barry’s 2 goals. Defensively sophomore Kiernan Mulcahy played well clearing out the crease area, along with Johnny Falcone.

Goals: Kyle Gagne (3), Keegan Barry (2), Myles Smith (1), Drew Kelleher (1), Kip Ehrenberg (1), Zach Lukas (1), Josh Goldberg (1), Max Chipouras (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Isaac Chase (1), Connor Ostrander (1).

Assists: Josh Goldberg (2), Kyle Gagne (2),James Fisher (1), Zach Lukas (1), Drew Kelleher (1), Keegan Dudeck (1), Max Chipouras.

Saves: Novak (5)

LONGMEADOW 10 / SOUTH HADLEY  2            5/01/13

Lancers continue to roll. Methodical, relentless, unselfish, deep, are just a few words that describe this year’s Lancer team.  Did I mention well coached, let’s give coach Leibel some credit for developing this teams aggressive style of play.  Defensively Leveillee, Ryan, Cotnoir, Cruz are all playing well and only getting better as the season rolls on. Offensively the looks were there throughout the game but it seems we continue to miss early scoring opportunities. All and all a well played game. The Lancers next big test will be a rematch with Amherst, one of the pre-season favorites, on Tuesday night.

Goals: Matt DeMarche (3), Zach Lukas (3), Keegan Barry (2), Drew Kelleher (1), Max Stukalins (1).

Asst: Will Lukas (2), Zach Lukas (1).

Saves: Matt Draymore (8).

LONGMEADOW 10 / WESTFIELD 4                           4/29/13

The 2013 Longmeadow Lancer Lacrosse team is relentless.  Trailing by a score of 2-4 after 2 quarters of play, the Lancers aggressive defense started paying off, shutting down the Westfield offense for the entire second half. The Lancers scored 8 unanswered goals in the second half on their way to a 10-4 victory over Westfield.  Jack Ryan was a ground ball machine today controlling the middle of the field and creating a nice transition game. Offensively it was Drew Kelleher’s 3 goals and many face-offs wins which also played a big part in today’s victory. Kip Ehrenberg and Max Chipouras also had solid games for the Lancers.   Longmeadow now prepares to play at South Hadley on Wednesday night in a battle of league unbeatens.  

Goals: Drew Kelleher (3), Kevin Barry (3), Zach Lukas (2), Keegan Dudeck (1), Will Lukas (1).

Asst: Myles Smith (2), Reid Leveillee (1), Drew Kelleher (1), Keegan Dudeck (1).

Saves: Matt Draymore (11)

LONGMEADOW 13 / ALGONQUIN 3                                         4/27/13

The Lancers hit their stride today and dominated play against the Algonquin Tomahawks.  Longmeadow winning today 13-3 and improves their overall record to 10-0. Leading the scoring today was senior captain Keegan Dudeck scoring 5 goals and junior Zach Lukas assisting on 5 goals. Defensively the team is playing great from a hard ride to aggressive stick checking the 2013 Lancers are relentless.  Looking ahead to Monday’s game against Westfield, this type of play just might be what’s needed.

Goals: Keegan Dudeck (5), Zach Lukas (2), Keegan Barry (2), Kevin Barry (2), Drew Kelleher (1), Max Stukalin (1)

Asst: Zach Lukas (5), Will Lukas (1), Myles Smith (1), Drew Kelleher (1)

Saves: Matt Draymore (9)

LONGMEADOW  9 / NORTHAMPTON  5                       4/24/2013

The Lancers methodically took care of business this evening.  With the score 2-2 at half you’d think it was any teams game, well not tonight.  Offensively the Lancers dominated the first half; it was just a matter of time before the barrage would start.  Keegan Barry (2) started the scoring early in the 3 quarter on a nice dodge from up top. Keegan Dudeck (3) tallied the next 3 goals and Zach Lukas finished the quarter with his second goal of the game.  After three it was the Lancers 7 and Northampton 3.  During the 3rd quarter Drew Kelleher won all 7 of his face-offs. During the 4th quarter Drew Kelleher and Keegan Barry each tallied goals for the Lancers on the way to a 9-0 record.  Longmeadow’s next game is Saturday against a tough Algonquin team (6-1). 

Goals: Keegan Dudeck (3), Zach Lukas (2), Keegan Barry (2), Drew Kelleher (1), Will Lukas (1)

Asst: Keegan Dudeck (2), Zach Lukas (2), Drew Kelleher (1), Kevin Barry (1)

Saves: Matt Draymore  (4)

LONGMEADOW 8 / BC High 6                                        4/20/13

Today’s game and early morning practice demonstrates this years team commitment to the lacrosse program and to first year head coach Ryan Liebel. Waking up for a 6am practice, practice for 2 hours, go home shower, get on bus for 9am,  travel 2 hours to South Boston and play a solid game of lacrosse. Kudos to the boys.  Leading the scoring today were midfielders Matt DeMarche (3) and Keegan Dudeck (3). After giving up 2 easy first period wake-up goals the entire team played an excellent defensive game. Lancers improve their record to 8-0.

Goals: Keegan Dudeck (3), Matt DeMarche (3), Drew Kelleher (1), Myles Smith (1).  

Assists: Myles Smith (1), Will Lukas (1), Keegan Dudeck (1).  

Saves: Draymore (10)

LONGMEADOW  7 / MINNECHAUG 5       4/18/13

In a battle of rivals, the Lancers used a strong defensive second half to pull away from a very good Minnechaug squad. Zach Lukas led the Lancers with 4 goals and 2 assist. Jack Ryan played outstanding on defense and Drew Kelleher had another strong night winning face-offs. With the victory, the Lancers improve to 7 – 0 on the season and will now prepare for Saturday’s big game vs. Boston College High. 

Goals: Zach Lukas (4), Drew Kelleher (1), Kevin Barry (1), Keegan Dudeck (1).

Assists: Zach Lukas (2), Myles Smith (1), Drew Kelleher (1), Kevin Barry (1).

Saves: Draymore (7)

LONGMEADOW 7 / NORTHAMPTON 4         4/16/13

The Lancers were lucky today with a 7-4 victory over a stingy Northampton defense. Today’s game was deadlocked for 3 quarters and stayed that way until midway through the 4th quarter.  A man up goal along with two fast breaks scores during the 4th quarter was enough to secure the victory. The Lancers defense played well again today lead by Reid Leveillee, Jack Ryan, Dan Cotnoir and Rocco Casaceli. Let’s consider today’s game as an off day for the Lancer offense and give the defense their due credit for today’s victory. The 6-0 Lancers now play the Falcons of Minnechaug Thursday evening at home.  

Goals: Zach Lukas (3), Kevin Barry (2), Keegan Dudeck (1), Myles Smith (1).

Assists: Drew Kelleher (2), Zach Lukas (1), Kevin Barry (1), Max Chipouras (1)

Saves: Draymore (8)


April vacation just got off to a great start with Saturday’s 12-11 overtime victory over Pinkerton Academy. It was Keegan Dudeck’s (3) late 4th quarter goals which gave the Lancers an 11-10 advantage with 4 minutes remaining. With the clock ticking down, Pinkerton forced a Lancer turnover and scored the tying goal with 5 seconds remaining. Overtime was exciting with the Lancer defense and goalie Matt Draymore stopping Pinkerton’s first two possessions. Longmeadow’s first offensive possession was a barrage of shots within a 30 second period of time and ending on an unassisted goal by attackman Kevin Barry.

Goals: Keegan Dudeck (3), Kevin Barry(3), Zach Lukas (3), Will Lukas (1), Drew Kelleher (1), Matt DeMarche (1).

Assists: Keegan Dudeck (2), Zach Lukas (1), Drew Kelleher (1).

Saves: Matt Draymore (12)


An improving LHS squad kicked it into gear in the second half and easily handled East Longmeadow by a score of 16 to 4 on a rainy Wednesday night. After a penalty filled first half the Lancers turned a 1 goal half time lead into a decisive victory. The Lancers attack accounted for 9 goals and 5 assists while goalie Matt Draymore came up big in net.  

Goals: Zach Lukas (4), Kevin Barry (3), Drew Kelleher (3), Will Lukas (2), Max Stukalins (2) Keegan Dudeck (1), Matt DeMarche (1).

Assists: Keegan Dudeck (2), Matt DeMarche (2), Zach Lukas (2), Kevin Barry (2), Will Lukas (1), Myles Smith (1).  

Saves: Draymore (9)

LONGMEADOW 13 / AGAWAM  2                        4/08/13

On a beautiful Monday afternoon in Longmeadow, the Lancers offense started slow but finished well with a solid beating of Agawam 13-2 in a non-conference game.  The Lancers improved their record to 3-0 with today’s victory. In goal today Evan Novak, making his first varsity appearance, stymied his opponents for the first 3 quarters while making excellent clearing decisions. Drew Kelleher dominated face-offs winning a very high percentage.  The scoring was spread between 10 different offensive players balanced between the midfielders and attackmen.

Goals: Zach Lukas (4), Kevin Barry (3), Matt DeMarche (1), Eric Barsalou (1), Myles Smith (1), Isaac Chase (1), Keegan Barry (1). Josh Goldberg (1).

Assists: Drew Kelleher (2), Zach Lukas (1), Will Lukas (1).

Saves: Evan Novak (9).

LONGMEADOW 14 / AMHERST 6           4/06/13

The Lancers started this game on fire going up 4-0 within the fist 5 minutes of the game and never looked back. Besides creating many excellent offensive looks, the Lancers dominated every facet of the game. Midfielder Max Chipouras and defenseman Reid Leveillee owned ground balls today which allowed the Lancers to run many offensive sets. Offensively the team was led by seniors Eric Barsalou, Keegan Dudeck and Kevin Barry accounting for 9 of the Lancers goals. All in all a well played balanced game.

Goals: Keegan Dudeck (3), Kevin Barry (3), Eric Barsalou (3), Zach Lukas (2), Drew Kelleher (2), Myles Smith (1).

Assists: Zach Lukas (3), Matt DeMarche (2), Keegan Dudeck (1), Drew Kelleher (1), Myles Smith (1), Max Chipouras (1)..

Saves: Matt Draymore (12).

LONGMEADOW 15 / WEST SPRINGFIELD 0           4/03/13

On a cold Wednesday afternoon in West Springfield, the offense got up to speed early and often taking down the West Springfield Terriers by a score of 15-0. The Lancers start the 2013 season 1-0 with today’s victory. The scoring was spread between 11 different offensive players, all made possible by Drew Kelleher, who won 75% of his face-offs. The defense lead by returning starters Jack Ryan and Reid Leveillee kept the crease area clear all afternoon. Overall a good warm-up for Saturday’s home opener against the Hurricanes from Amherst.

Goals: Zach Lukas (3), Kevin Barry (2), Keegan Barry (2), Will Lukas (2), Myles Smith (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Keegan Dudeck (1), Eric Barsalou (1), Kyle Gagne (1), Isaac Chase (1).

Assists: Keegan Dudeck (2), Will Lukas (1), Zach Lukas (1), Matt DeMarche (1) Drew Kelleher (1), Josh Goldberg (1).

Saves: Matt Draymore (5), Evan Novak (2).


LONGMEADOW   7   /   MINNECHAUG     8                      6/7/12    (WESTERN MASS SEMI-FINALS)                                      FINAL RECORD 17-5

The season came to an early end Thursday with a playoff loss to Minnechaug on the turf at East Longmeadow High School. The loss puts the Lancer record at 17-5 for the season. It was a close, hard fought game from start to finish, but credit needs to go to Minnechaug for battling hard and preventing a third loss this season to the Lancers. Good luck to all of our graduating seniors. Special thanks to our entire coaching staff who did a great job during a difficult season.
Have a safe and enjoyable summer vacation!

Goals:   E. Barsalou (3), Dylan Kelleher (2), K.Dudeck (1), R. Keator (1).  

Asst:     Dylan Kelleher (2), K. Dudeck  (1)

Saves: G. Lafountain (7)

LONGMEADOW   10   /   NORTHAMPTON     7                      6/5/12    (WESTERN MASS QTR FINALS)

In typical Lancer fashion this year, they spotted their opponent a 2 goal lead after 1 quarter of play.  This lead remained after 2 quarters with Northampton leading by a score of 4-6. With the start of the second half it was all Longmeadow, going on a 5-0 run with goals from Barsalou, Kelleher, Leveillee, Dudeck, and McDonough. Throughout the game the Lancer dominated face-offs winning 75% or better of them. Kudos goes to Drew Kelleher for doing this dirty work, which allowed the Lancers to gain possession of the ball, for the majority of the game.  Drew also assisted on 2 fast break goals from the winning of these face-offs. Overall it wasn’t a pretty win with many turnovers and sloppy play, but a win is a win.  Lancers play Minnechaug this Thursday at American International College.

Goals:  D. McDonough (3), Dylan Kelleher (3), E. Barsalou (2), B. Leveillee (1), K.Dudeck (1).  

Asst:  E. Barsalou (2), Dylan Kelleher (2), Drew Kelleher (2), R. Keator (1), K. Dudeck  (1), D. McDonough (1).

Saves: G. Lafountain (13).

LONGMEADOW   4   /   WESTFIELD     3                                5/24/12

The final game of the regular season was a defensive battle. The Lancers begin the Memorial Day weekend with a 4-3 win over the bombers on the turf at Westfield State. Next up are the Western Mass Playoffs. Details to follow…………….GO LANCERS!

Goals:  Dylan Kelleher, McDonough, Dudeck, Smith 

Asst:    Whitney

Saves:   G. Lafountain (9)

LONGMEADOW   9   /   SOUTH HADLEY     8                                5/21/12

With five minutes left in the game and down by a score of 5-8 the Lancers rallied for 4 goals to beat South Hadley 9-8.  Leading the charge during this 5 minute span were junior middies Keegan Dudeck and Eric Barsalou. Dudeck accounted for 2 goals and Barsalou 1 goal and 2 assists. With the score tied 8-8 the Lancers gained possession of the ball with 19 seconds left in the game. Senior captain Connor Samuelson pushes the ball down the middle of the field, as time winds down on the clock. Dudeck setting up at left point receives the pass from Samuelson and rips a low bounce shot into the lower right corner of the net, GAME OVER. This victory tightens up the Valley Wheel conference with South Hadley and Longmeadow tied for first place, with 8-2 records.  The Lancers finish regular season play Thursday night against the Bombers of Westfield. GO LANCERS!

Goals:  D. McDonough (2), K. Dudeck (2), E. Barsalou (2), B. Leveillee (1), J. Mentor (1), F. Elder (1).  

Asst:    E. Barsalou (2), Dylan Kelleher (1), F. Elder (1), M. Smith (1), C. Samuelson (1).

Saves: G. Lafountain (10).

LONGMEADOW   15   /   MINNECHAUG     6                              5/18/12

What started out as a competitive game, ended up a tad bit lopsided.  The  Lancers ended the 1st half with a 4-3 lead over the Falcons, but the 2nd half was a different story.  The Lancers went on an 11-3 run during the 2nd half, which was spearheaded by seniors Dylan Kelleher and Dan McDonough.  These two attackmen combined, accounted for 16 total points. Kelleher tallied six goals and four assists and McDonough five goals and 1 assist.  The Lancers fast break appeared today, which lead to many quick pretty goals. The up tempo play suits the Lancers well, with plenty of experience within the attackmen ranks. Looking ahead to Westfield and South Hadley next week, this type of play just might be what’s needed.

Goals:   Dylan Kelleher (6),  D. McDonough (5), B. Leveillee (1), K. Dudeck (1), R. Keator (1), J. Mentor (1), M. Smith (1)

Asst:    Dylan Kelleher (4), D McDonough (1), B. Leveillee (1), K. Dudeck (1), Drew Kelleher (1) C. Whitney (1)

Saves:  G. Lafountain (12)

LONGMEADOW   12   /   ST. JOHN’S SHREWSBURY    5               5/16/12

Senior Captain Dylan Kelleher scores 6 goals and leads the Lancers to their 13th win of the season.  The Lancers did it right, this time, going on top of St. John’s 4-0 after the first period and never looked back.  Reid Leveillee had a great defensive game for the Lancers who clogged up the crease area and prevented easy shots on goal.   Assisting Dylan Kelleher on 4 of his goal was fellow attackmen Dan McDonough.   All in all a solid win for the Lancers.  The Lancers next test will be Friday, senior night, against an improving Minnechaug team.

Goals:  Dylan Kelleher (6), B. Leveillee (2), K. Dudeck (1), D. McDonough (1), J. Mentor (1), T. McCarthy (1).

Asst:    D McDonough (4), B. Leveillee (1), K. Dudeck (1), M. Smith (1).

Saves:  G. Lafountain (10).

LONGMEADOW   10   /   NORTHAMPTON   6                        5/14/12

It wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win.  After falling behind 0-3 early in the first quarter the Lancers were able to take advantage of many unsettled situations, ending the first half with a 5-3 lead. Eric Barsalou scored 2 of these goals on nice hard shots from the right point.  Dylan Kelleher did a nice job distributing the ball around, accounting four 4 of the games 6 assists.  The Lancers will have to get their offense tuned up for Wednesday’s game against St. Johns of Shrewsbury.

Goals:   D. McDonough (4), Dylan Kelleher (3), E. Barsalou (2). J Mentor (1).

Asst:    Dylan Kelleher (4), D. McDonough (1), M. Smith (1).

Saves:   G. Lafountain (14)

LONGMEADOW   9   /   WESTON, CT   8    (2 OT)                   5/12/12
What started out to be a very long day ended up being a nail biter, with the Lancers winning in double OT. After the first half of sloppy play the Lancers found themselves down 6-1, with continued poor play, similar to the Amherst game of last week.  The second half started out with a quick goal by Myles Smith from a nice feed from Dylan Kelleher.  From that point on the goals kept coming, with the tying goal coming with only 5 seconds left in the game.  Scoring the tying goal was Dan McDonough from a feed from Dylan Kelleher. At the end of regulation play the game was deadlocked at 8-8. During the second half comeback the Lancers defense decided to show up, only allowing 2 goals the entire 2nd half. Longmeadow continued their battle in overtime and had more than a couple opportunities of putting it away earlier, but it was most appropriate to have Keegan Dudeck end it with his 3rd goal of the game.  It was a strong dodge down the right side and a hard shot finding the upper corner of the net, game over. Lancers win 9-8 ending a very difficult week on a high note.

Goals:   Dudeck (3), McDonough (2), Dylan Kelleher, B. Leveillee, McCarthy, Smith

Asst:    Dylan Kelleher (2)

Saves:   Lafountain (14)

LONGMEADOW   7   /   AMHERST   15                                    5/8/12
We’ve seen pretty and we’ve seen ugly but this game was pretty ugly.  The Hurricanes owned the crease today, getting point blank shot on goal, all day long.  I’m sitting here typing this game summary, trying to figure out what happened today.  Was it the weather?  Doubt it! The only good thing today was face-off specialist Drew Kelleher winning 70% of his face-offs. Kudos’ to Drew.  Today’s leading scorer was K Dudeck with 2 goals. The Lancers now have 3 days to get their defense ready to face the 10-3 Weston High Wildcats. 

Goals:   Dudeck (2), McDonough, Dylan Kelleher, Lukas, Barsalou, Smith

Asst:    Dylan Kelleher (2), Lukas, R. Leveillee, Mentor

Saves:   Lafountain (7)

LONGMEADOW   7    /    MEDFIELD   12                                      5/6/12
It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, in Medfield, with many Longmeadow youth players and fans cheering on the Lancers against the always tough Medfield Warriors. First half action was back and forth on both ends of the field, with each team keeping the game tight.  It was the Lancer midfielders leading the scoring today with 6 of the 7 goals. John Mentor and Frankie Elder tallied 2 goals apiece in leading the Lancer fight. With the game tied 6-6 early in the 3rd quarter, some excellent defense and careless handling of the ball lead to two fast breaks goals for the Medfield Warriors, putting Medfield ahead 8-6. A lead they would hold onto the rest of the way. The Lancers battled the entire game but came up short at the end of the day.  

Goals:    Mentor (2), Elder (2), Kennedy, Dudeck, McDonough

Asst:      Dylan Kelleher, B. Leveillee, Keator, Mentor

Saves:    Lafountain (14)

LONGMEADOW   18    /    WEST SPRINGFIELD    7                              5/4/12
This game did not start pretty but it sure ended up as a solid victory for the Lancers. The Lancers spotted the Terriers a 3 goal lead early in the first quarter, going down by a score of 4-1. Coming out of a 1st quarter time out the Lancers got the offense going ending the first quarter with a 4-4 tie. The next three quarters were all Lancers only allowing 3 additional goals to the Terriers the rest of the way.  Final score Longmeadow 18 West Side 7. Drew Kelleher dominated face-offs allowing the Lancers to maintain possession of the ball most of the game.
Goals:     McDonogh (4), Dylan Kelleher (3), B. Leveillee (3), Keator (2), Barsalou, Kennedy, Dudeck, Mentor, Lukas, Drew Kelleher 
Asst:      Dudeck (3), B Leveillee (3), Dylan Kelleher (2), McDonough (2), Barsalou, Elder,  Neil 
Saves:   Lafountain (6), Draymore (4).

LONGMEADOW   7    /    SOUTH HADLEY    13                                  5/2/12

There’s not a whole bunch that can be said about today’s game.  The Lancer’s offense was non-existent today and the South Hadley Tigers came to play.  South Hadley dominated every aspect of todays game. Defensively, they were one step ahead of the Lancer offense knocking down passes and shots.

Goals: Dylan Kelleher (3), McDonogh (2), Keator, Elder

Asst:  Dylan Kelleher, McDonough, Keator, Dudeck

Saves: G. Lafountain (3)

LONGMEADOW  9   /  WESTFIELD   8                                                        4/30/12

Lacrosse is all about ground balls, passing and catching all of which the Lancers had a hard time executing today. Talk about coming out flat.  The Lancers were by far the more skilled team but found a way to play down to their competition. Hey it happens from time to time, let’s just put this one past us.  The games deciding goal was scored by Dylan Kelleher with an assist from Bennett Leiveillee.  Leading scorers today were Dylan Kelleher (2), Dan McDonough (2), and Eric Barsalou (2).
Goals: Dylan Kelleher (2), McDonogh (2), Barsalou (2), Kennedy, Keator, B. Leveillee

Asst:  Dylan Kelleher, McDonough, Keator, B. Leveillee, Kennedy 

Saves: Lafountain (3), Gurzenski (6).

LONGMEADOW  8   /  ALGONQUIN   9  (OT)                                                          4/28/12

The last time Algonquin and Longmeadow played was the 2011 state semi-finals, which also ended in a 9-8 overtime loss for the Lancers. The defenses for both teams played extremely well, this day.  The Lancers out shot their opponents today but were unable to take advantage of the many great looks they had. Leading scorers today were Captain Dylan Kelleher (3), Dan McDonough (2) and Eric Barsolou (2).

Goals:   Dylan Kelleher (3), McDonough (2), Barsalou (2), Elder

Assists:  Dylan Kelleher, Mentor, Dudeck, B. Leveillee 
Saves: LaFountain (9)

LONGMEADOW  11   /  EAST LONGMEADOW   3                                                   4/26/12

An improving LHS squad easily handled East Longmeadow by a score of 11 to 3 on a cloudy Thursday afternoon in Longmeadow. The game was never in doubt.  The Lancers out shot the Spartans by a 3 to 1 margin and had continued pressure on the Spartans goalies throughout the game. Leading the offense today were Dylan Kelleher (7 pts) and Dan McDonough (4 pts).

Goals:   Dylan Kelleher (3), McDonough (3), B. Leveillee, McCarthy, Drew Kelleher, Lukas, Smith

Assists:  Dylan Kelleher (4), Barsalou (2), McDonough 
Saves: LaFountain (3), Gurzenski (2), Draymore (2)

LONGMEADOW  14   /  PINKERTON ACADEMY  9                                                   4/21/12
April vacation week just got a little better with Saturday’s 14-9 victory over Pinkerton Academy.  The offense was balanced today getting 7 goals apiece from the mids and the attack.  Leading the middies today were Keegan Dudeck (3) and Eric Barsalou (2).  At attack, it was senior Captain Dylan Kelleher (4) and Bennett Leveillee (3) tallying all 7 goals. Down by a score of 5-2 at half time, the Lancers scored the next 4 goals to go up by a score of 6-5 and never looked back.  Sophomore Drew Kelleher did a fantastic job winning a high percentage of his face offs today.  All in all a solid team effort today. Lancers improve their record to 7-0.
Goals:   Dylan Kelleher (4), K. Dudeck (3), Bennett Leveillee (3), E. Barsalou (2), S. Kennedy (1), R. Keator (1).

Assists:  J. Mentor (2), R. Keator (1), K. Dudeck (1), F. Elder (1)
Saves: LaFountain (10)

LONGMEADOW  11   /  MINNECHAUG  6                                                                 4/19/12
In a battle of unbeatens, the Lancers used a strong second half to pull away from a very good Minnechaug squad. Final score 11 – 6. With the victory, the Lancers improve to 6 – 0 on the season and will now prepare for Saturday’s big game vs New Hampshire powerhouse Pinkerton Academy.
Goals:   B. Leveillee (3), Dudeck (2),  Elder, McDonough, Dylan Kelleher, Mentor, Keator

Assists:  Drew Kelleher (2), McDonough, Dylan Kelleher, Mentor, B. Leveillee, R. Leveillee, McCarthy

Saves: LaFountain (9)

LONGMEADOW  7   /  NORTHAMPTON  5                                                                 4/17/12
The Lancers were lucky today with a 7-5 victory over a much improved Northampton team.  Turnovers, Turnovers, Turnovers, was the name of the game for most of the first half.  The Lancers defense played well again today lead by seniors Connor Samuelson and Colin Whitney.  Year to date the Lancers defense is allowing only 3.4 goals per game.  Let’s consider today’s game as an off day for the Lancer offense and give the defense their due credit in securing today’s victory. Lancers go to 5-0 after today’s win and play the 6-0 Falcons of Minnechaug Thursday afternoon.
Goals:   Elder (2) McDonough (1), Dylan Kelleher (1), McCarthy (1), Dudeck (1), Kennedy (1)

Assists: McDonough (3), Kelleher (1), Neil (1)

Saves: LaFountain (7)

LONGMEADOW  16   /  CATHEDRAL  2                                                                 4/13/12

On a sunny Friday afternoon in Longmeadow, the offense got up to speed early and whipped up on Cathedral by a score of 16-2.  The Lancers improve their record to 4-0 with today’s victory.  The scoring was spread between 10 different offensive players with the biggest point totals coming from the senior attack line of Dan McDonough, Dylan Kelleher and Jack Neil, accounting for 16 of the 27 points tallied.

Goals:   McDonough (4), Dylan Kelleher (3), Neil (2), B. Leveille  (2), Kennedy (2) Mentor,  Barsalou, Keator

Assists: Dylan Kelleher (4), McDonough (2), Smith (2), Keator, Neil, Lukas

Saves: LaFountain (4), Gurzenski (1), Draymore (2)

LONGMEADOW  16   /  AGAWAM  0                                                                      4/9/12

Lancers moved to 3-0 after lopsided victory over Agawam on Russell Fields. It was an extremely sloppy game on both sides but all Longmeadow in the end.

Goals:     Dylan Kelleher (4), Dudeck (2), McDonough (2), Neil (2), Mentor, Elder, Barsalou, Smith, Lukas, Yam

Assists:   Kennedy (3), McDonough (2), Barsalou (2), Dudeck (2), Dylan Kelleher, B. Leveillee, Keator, Drew Kelleher, Ryan

Saves:     LaFountain (4), Gurzenski (1), Draymore (2)

LONGMEADOW  10   /  AMHERST  4                                                                       4/5/12

Lancers improved their record to 2-0 this afternoon with a classic Lancer victory over the Canes of Amherst.  From start to finish, the Lancers were all business today dominating every aspect of the game.  Keegan Dudeck was unstoppable, finding the back of the net 4 times.  Glenn LaFountain, goalie, played extremely well, shutting the door on the Canes’ offensive.  Also leading the Lancers on attack were Dylan Kelleher and Dan McDonough both netting 2 goals each.  All and all it was a solid 10-4 Lancer victory.

Goals:     Dudeck (4), McDonough (2), Dylan Kelleher (2), Kennedy, C. Samuelson,

Assists:   McDonough, Barsalou, Dylan Kelleher, Mentor, Kennedy

The season has begun! 

LONGMEADOW  19   /  WEST SPRINGFIELD  6                                                       4/2/12

The Lancers began their 2012 season with a home victory over the Terriers of West Springfield.  Lancers got off to a poor start showing some early season rust.  The first half included sloppy play and a penalty filled first quarter which resulted in a 5-4 Lancer advantage.  The Lancers changed gears in the 3rd quarter with a 9 goal barrage and ended the 3rd quarter leading 13-5. The Lancers scoring attack was led by Senior Attackmen, Dylan Kelleher and Danny McDonough. The Lancers cruised through the 4th quarter and walked off Russell Field with their first victory of the year.  Final score 19-7.

Goals:   McDonough (4), Dylan Kelleher (4), Dudeck (2), Lukas (2), Mentor, Elder, Barsalou, B. Leveille, Keator, Smith, Chipouras

Assists:  Dudeck (3), Drew Kelleher (2), McDonough, Keator

Saves: LaFountain 10



LONGMEADOW  8  /  ALGONQUIN  9  (OVERTIME)          (STATE SEMI-FINALS)                        6/14/11

(From Mass Live):

Judging by the first quarter or so, it would have taken a miracle for the Division II state high school boys lacrosse semifinal to go to overtime. But Longmeadow turned the momentum around and battled back from a 6-1 deficit to take a 7-6 lead Tuesday. However, the experience of winning its last two games in overtime helped Algonquin Regional pull out the victory. Dave McGovern scored just 32 seconds into overtime as Algonquin downed Longmeadow 9-8 at Foley Stadium.

“I was a little worried about overtime,” Longmeadow coach John Rauseo said. “We hadn’t played one in a while and this was their third in a row.” Senior midfielder Kyle Barsalou led the Lancers with three goals – including the tying tally late in the fourth quarter – but could not extend his stellar high school career. Barsalou forced overtime with a tremendous individual effort. He fought off two Algonquin defenders, drew a delayed penalty for holding and was still able to finish the play for the goal with 21.3 seconds left in regulation. Longmeadow (15-7) took a 7-6 lead on a sidearm shot from Barsalou with 17.6 seconds left in the third quarter. The teams then went scoreless until Mike Wood and Tarallo scored inside the final four minutes.

“We battled back and were in control,” Rauseo said. “We let them hang around.” The Lancers rattled off six straight goals between the second and third quarters to claw back into the contest. Garrett Gagne, Keegan Dudeck, Kelleher, Barsalou and Gagne again brought the game to a 6-6 tie.

Goals:     K. Barsalou (3), Gagne (2), Kelleher (2), Dudeck

Assists:   McGoldrick (2), K. Barsalou, E. Barsalou, Gagne

LONGMEADOW  13  /  SOUTH HADLEY  11          (WESTERN MASS FINALS)                              6/11/11

It was Saturday afternoon and we were back at A.I.C. for the Western Mass Finals facing the South Hadley Tigers for the third year in a row. The clubs split the two regular season meetings with each team winning on the road. This one had all of the makings for another classic Longmeadow / South Hadley battle. The Lancers got on the board first with a easy goal by Dylan Kelleher on the top of the crease. The rest of the game was a back and forth nailbiter. Senior attackman Garrett Gagne provided the necessary spark to put this one to bed with four 4th quarter goals. The Lancers claim another Western mass crown and advance to the state semi-final match against Algonquin Tuesday night in Worcester.

The underclassmen came up big today. Short stick defenders John Mentor and Frankie Elder did an outstanding job especially on clearing the ball. Junior defenders Colin Whitney and Connor Samuelson were solid like they have been all season. Junior goal keeper Glenn LaFountain stood strong against the most potent offense in Western Mass. The offense moved the ball well and shot hard and often. Eric Barsalou, Dylan Kelleher, Ryan Keator, Keegan Dudeck, and Bennett Leveillee showed that there will be plenty of firepower returning next year.

Today though was all about the seniors who played their hearts out in their fourth and final Western Mass Championship game. Connor McGoldrick was incredible on ground balls and took every faceoff for Longmeadow. Casey Payne and Andre Welch were relentless at LSM. Tom Wheaton and David Woodward always draw the toughest covers and did a great job frustrating Luke Delisio and Chris Menard in the second half. Todays game showcased the chemistry between Garrett Gagne, Kyle Barsalou and Joey Volko who have been working the offense together for ten years. Great ball movement and field vision wound up with these guys, and fellow captains, raising the trophy once again.

Goals:     K. Barsalou (4), Gagne (4), Kelleher, Volk, Keator, Mentor, Dudeck

Assists:   K. Barsalou, Gagne

LONGMEADOW  9  /  WEST SPRINGFIELD  7          (WESTERN MASS PLAYOFFS)                      6/7/11

Tuesday night, under the lights, A.I.C., on the turf. Great venue for a great Western Mass Semi final game. The Lancers were looking to avenge a humiliating 3-11 regular season loss to the Terriers. The first three quarters of play were very close in this low scoring game and we were tied at six a piece going into the final period. Three 4th quarter goals were all we needed to end West Springfield’s season for the second year in a row.

The defense was outstanding tonight. Long pole David Woodward played exceptionally well holding Westside’s leading scorer Brendan Boss to just a single goal. Glenn LaFountain was solid in his second start minding the cage with 11 saves. The offense was lead by Kyle Barsalou (4 goals, 1 assist) and Dylan Kelleher (3 goals).

Goals:     K. Barsalou (4), Kelleher (3), Volk, E. Barsalou

Assists:   Volk, K. Barsalou, E. Barsalou, Gagne, McGoldrick

LONGMEADOW 17  /  AGAWAM 3                            (WESTERN MASS PLAYOFFS)                      6/3/11

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Longmeadow, the Lancers looked ready for their annual playoff run. The offense got up to speed early and kept it in overdrive for four quaters devouring the Brownies of Agawam 17-3 in the Western Massachusetts quarter final contest. Seniors Garrett Gagne (5 goals) and Joey Volk (4 goals, 4 assists) were top producers on offense, clearly demonstrating the benefits of playing together for ten years. Great ball movement and heads up play resulted in eight Lancers finding the back of the net. Gagne & Volk were joined by fellow senior Connor McGoldrick who scorred twice and did an oustanding job on faceoffs. Also scoring twice were junior Ryan Keator and sophmore Eric Barsalou. Juniors Bennett Leveillee and Cam Wuerthele each scored a goal as did sophomore Keegan Dudeck.

The defense once again did an outstanding job protecting junior goalie Glenn LaFountain who looked great in his first start of the year. 

The Western Mass Semi-finals will be Tuesday evening June 7th vs West Springfield at A.I.C.

Goals:     Gagne (5), Volk (4), E. Barsalou (2), McGoldrick (2), Keator (2),  Leveillee, Wuerthele, Dudeck,

Assists:   Volk (4), E. Barsalou (3), McGoldrick


Senior Day pregame festivities were the only brightspot today as the Lancers never got things going on the field. Hats off to Amherst who came to their final contest with a game plan that we couldn’t figure out or counter. Special thanks go to Bob & Mary Neil for their great work on the Senior Day program and to John Mentor for his work behind the microphone. Thank you!

Goals:     K. Barsalou (2), Gagne, Volk, E. Barsalou

Assists:  Volk 

LANCERS WIN SLOPPY ONE IN WESTFIELD   10 – 7                                                   5/23

Both the weather and the play were a little sloppy this afternoon, but the Lancers still managed a 10 – 7 road victory over Westfield. 

Goals:     Kelleher (3), K. Barsalou (2), Gagne (2), Volk, McGoldrick, Mentor

Assists:  Gagne (4), K. Barsalou, Kelleher


Just 14 hours after the thrilling victory in South Hadley, the Lancers took to the field again. This time vs New Hampshire powerhouse Pinkerton Academy. The Astros didn’t appear to be phased by the long bus ride when they took the field and got busy early and often.


Longmeadow finally put all of the pieces together and dominated a lightning delayed game in South Hadley Friday night. Seniors Conor McGoldrick and Jack Polak won over 80% of all faceoff’s. The defense was absolutely relentless led by senior close defender David Woodward,  juniors Colin Whitney and Conor Samuelson and LSM seniors Casey Payne and Andre Welch.

The offense moved the ball quickly and efficiently finding the open man and taking the high percentage shot. It was a team effort, but necessary to point out the outstanding individual efforts of seniors Garrett Gagne, 5 goals, 2 assists and Kyle Barsalou, 4 goals.

The highlight of the night by far, was the net minding efforts of senior goalie David Walen who made 21 outstanding saves and arguably put on one of the best shows in Longmeadow High School history. Lancers improve to 11-5 on the season.

Goals:     Gagne (5), K. Barsalou (4), Kelleher (2), E. Barsalou, Volk, Sterritt,
                Leveillee, Elder

Assists:  Sterritt (3), Gagne (2), Volk, Polak

LANCERS LOSE CLOSE ONE AT ST. JOHN’S 11-13                                                       5/17


The last meeting between St. John’s of Shrewsbury and Longmeadow took a while. In the fourth overtime of last year’s Division II state semifinal at the University of Massachusetts, Longmeadow prevailed on a Kyle Barsalou goal. Barsalou scored three times on Tuesday, but the Lancers just didn’t have enough to get past the Pioneers this time. Ben Sterritt paced the Longmeadow attack with four goals. John Joseph scored four goals and added an assist for St. John’s. Jeff Desko, who will play for his uncle John at Syracuse University, netted a goal and an assist.

Lancer goalie David Walen kept it close by making 16 saves.

Goals:     Sterritt (4), K. Barsalou (3), E. Barsalou (2), Volk, Scyocurks

Assists:  Volk (2), Gagne (2), K. Barsalou


The Lancers played three solid quarters of lacrosse and entered the 4th qtr with a commanding 11 – 6 lead. The final 15 minutes was filled with sloppy play and ball watching resulting in a miraculous comeback for South Hadley and the 4th loss of the season for the Lancers.

Goals:     Kelleher (3), K. Barsalou (2), Gagne (2), McDonnough (2), Mentor, Volk, Scyocurka, Sterritt

Assists:  Gagne (3), Sterritt (2), Kelleher (2), McDonough

LONGMEADOW SNEAKS BY AGAWAM 10 -8                                                                     5/10

It wasn’t as easy as it appeared it would be on paper, but the Longmeadow High School boys lacrosse team won the last game before its biggest test of the season.
Garrett Gagne struck for three goals Tuesday as the host Lancers survived an upset bid from Agawam, hanging on for a 10-8 victory.
Longmeadow (10-3) hosts South Hadley at 4 p.m. Thursday in a showdown of Valley Wheel powers.
Goals:     Gagne (3), Scyocurka, Volk, K. Barsalou, Leveillee, Kelleher, McGoldrick, Sterritt,
Assists:   Volk (4), K. Barsalou (2), Kelleher

LONGMEADOW SAILS THROUGH AMHERST HURRICANES 15 – 6                                             5/6/11

The Lancers came out hot and built a quick 7-1 first qtr lead. It was smooth sailing after that and ended in a 15-6 victory at Amherst. Seniors Joey Volk and Kyle Barsalou had four goals each and senior Ben Sterritt was a feeding machine tallying 4 assists on the day. 

Goals:   Volk (4), K. Barsalou (4), Kelleher (2), Scyocurka (2), Gagne, McGoldrick, Kennedy

Assists:   Sterritt (4), Volk (3), Gagne (2), K. Barsalou

LANCERS OVERPOWERED BY DEERFIELD ACADEMY 17-5                                                                        5/4/11

Deerfield Academy (ranked #6 in the country) came on fast & furious in the first quarter tallying nine unanswered goals. All the Lancers could do was keep their heads up and continue to grind. David Walen faced his toughest challenge of the year and managed to save 16 of Deerfield’s 33 shots on goal. 

Goals:   Scyocurka, Volk, K. Barsalou, Leveillee, McDonough, Samuelson**

Assists:   Volk (2), K. Barsalou (2)

** Connor Samuelson took the ball from end to end and scored only to have it taken away due to an off sides violation. Either way, his play deserved recognition.


This one had potential to be a low-scoring affair or a lacrosse version of a track meet. Instead, the second meeting of the year between Longmeadow and Minnechaug Regional settled somewhere in the middle. There was much more offense than in Longmeadow’s 6-5 win earlier this month, as Garrett Gagne tallied four times for visiting Longmeadow in a 13-8 victory on Friday in Wilbraham. Dylan Kelleher added three goals and an assist for the 7-1 Lancers, who outscored the Falcons 5-0 in the fourth quarter to take the victory. Joey Volk tossed in two goals and a pair of helpers. Minnechaug, which has dropped four of its last six outings following a 3-0 start, received two goals apiece from Joe Gorecki, Michael Jones and Cody Livermore. It would be no surprise to see these rivals meet once more come June – this time in the Western Massachusetts tournament.


April vacation week just got a little better with Thursdays 8-4 victory over Algonquin at 911 Memorial Field. Senior Jack Polak won the opening faceoff and sprinted to the cage, scoring the first goal of the game. Dylan Kelleher and Joey Volk tallied two goals each on the day with additional goals being scored by Ben Sterritt, Eric Barsalou and Danny McDonough. David Walen and the defense played well but the Lancers still struggle to play to their capability. Hopefully they will find it on Saturday when they take on Pinkerton Academy at home.




LHS – 12 / South Hadley – 13  O/T                                    5/7/10

LHS – 14 / Agawam – 2                                                        5/4/10

Where were these guys on Sunday?? Longmeadow put on a first quarter clinic looking better than they have all season and jumped out to a 9-0 lead. Great ball movement, winning faceoffs, ground balls and a nasty ride proved to be too much for the Brownies.  Even when they did manage to go on offense, the Lancer “D” shut them down. Dylan Kelleher got things going after a nice feed from Nathan Brooks to score his first of two goals for the period. The rest of the roster was willing to chip in and followed with goals from McGoldrick, Gagne (2), Brooks, Heger, and Elder. LSM Connor Samuelson netted his first goal of the season trailing on a fast break and getting a beautiful pass from Jake Heger. 9-0 after one. Agawam got on the board in the second but the Lancers kept their foot on the gas and added goals from Kyle Barsalou, Jake Heger and two from Garret Gagne. 13-1 at the half. The winds changed in the second half…… litterally. Dark clouds and heavy winds weren’t enough to stop the game, but many fans were seen clicking their heels and looking for shelter. The cooler temps that followed brought little excitement with it as both teams managed only a single goal each in the second half including Kelleher’s third on the day. Overall it was a good day for the defense and an exceptional day for long stick middies Connor Samuelson and Justin Conniff. Jake Heger led the offense with 2 goals and 5 assists. David Whalen and Glenn LaFountain played well in goal but weren’t necessarily challenged.

Goals:   Gagne (4), Kelleher (3), Heger (2), Barsalou, McGoldrick, Brooks, Samuelson, Elder

Assists:   Heger (5), Kelleher (3), Barsalou (2), Gagne, Brooks, Volk

LHS – 9 / Medfield – 20                                                        5/2

If we tend to run hot and cold, this would have been one of the cold games. A very good Medfield squad had too much firepower for the Lancers on Sunday and sent us home with our 4th loss of the season. A slow start for Longmeadow allowed Medfield to jump out to a 4-0 lead at the end of the first period. Ben Sterritt and Jake Heger managed to get Longmeadow on the board in the second, but unfortunately, Medfield was just getting warmed up and racked up eight more goals before the half ended. 12-2 at halftime. Longmeadow got it together in the 3rd and outscored Medfield 5-3. Heger had two of them and the others came from Garrett Gagne, Sterritt, and Kyle Barsalou. 15-7 after three. Gagne and Connor McGoldrick added two for the Lancers in the 4th, but Medfield never let up and expanded the margin of victory with 5 goals of their own ending the game with a final score of 20 – 9. We will blame it on the long ride and 90 degree temps on the turf and move on. Time to get ready for Agawam.

Goals:   Heger (3), Sterritt (2), Gagne (2), Barsalou, McGoldrick

Assists:   Volk (3), Brooks, Gagne, Kelleher

LHS – 15 / Amherst – 2                                                        4/30

A tad bit lopsided. The Lancers came out flying on an unpainted and unmowed Russell Field this afternoon. The lack of paint wasn’t an issue as Longmeadow remembered where the goal line was and put the white rubber ball beyond it fifteen times before the final horn sounded. It was a total team effort as everyone got to play today. Great hustle and ball movement started things off with Tom Mckeown finding Connor McGoldrick for the opening goal followed shortly thereafter by Nathan Brooks feeding Jake Heger. Unassisted efforts by Kyle Barsalou and Dylan Kelleher ended the first period with a 4-0 lead. Kelleher’s goal was one of several man-up opportunities for the Lancers on the day. Amherst scored their only goals of the game (2) during the second period but Longmeadow always had an answer. Barsalou found Heger parked on the crease for Jake’s second goal of the game. The Lancers then found that they could successfully dodge and rattled off unassisted goals by Nathan Brooks (2), Garrett Gagne (2), and Ben Sterritt. 10-2 at the half. 
The second half provided more of the same as Coach Rauseo got the entire roster into the game. Barsalou started things off when Amherst allowed too much time and space resulting in Kyle ripping the net stickside high. Sweet! Minutes later, Heger found a cutting John Mentor to close the third period with a 12-2 lead. The final period was an episode of the “Casey Payne Show” where he scored two goals, the second of which came after a beautiful dodge. He wasn’t finished. He also assisted on the only other goal of the period finding Mentor for John’s second goal of the game. The defense played outstanding the entire game as did goalies David Walen and Glen LaFountain. The Lancers dominated on time of possession, face-offs, and ground balls. All good things. 

Goals:   Heger (2), Brooks (2), Gagne (2), Barsalou (2), Payne (2), Mentor (2), McGoldrick, Sterritt, Kelleher

Assists:   McKeown, Heger, Brooks, Barsalou, Payne

LHS – 10 / East Longmeadow – 2                                    4/27

The Lancers loaded the bus on Tuesday afternoon and made the two mile road trip to East Longmeadow High School. The close proximity and grassless playing field must have made it feel like a home game for Longmeadow who didn’t seem to be bothered by the accompanying, steady rainfall. This one was all Lancers. 4-0 after one, 6-0 at the half, 9-1 after three, and 10-2 final. Sorry for the short summary, but I was out of town and missed the game. 

Goals:   Kelleher (3), Heger (2), Gagne (2), McKeown, Volk, McGoldrick

Assists:  Heger (2), Gagne (2), Volk, Kelleher, Polak   

LHS – 12 / Pinkerton Academy – 13   O/T                        4/24

What a game!!  The Longmeadow Lancers took their game on the road Saturday to Derry, New Hampshire for their annual battle with Pinkerton Academy. Beautiful sunshine and a crowd of family and youth players provided a great setting for lacrosse. The two hour plus ride was worth the trip as the action never stopped. Pinkerton nailed the first two goals of the game before the Lancers found their stride and evened the score with unassisted goals from Nathan Brooks and Dylan Kelleher. 2-2 at the end of one. Pinkerton added three more in the second but Longmeadow fell behind and could tally only two of their own with an unassisted effort by Garrett Gagne and another goal by Joey Volk after a nice pass from Frankie Elder. The first half action was non-stop but when it ended, we were down one, 5-4.

After adding some fluids and a ten minute break, the Lancers opened the second half on fire moving the ball beautifully in the air and playing solid defense. Outstanding play from long stick middies Justin Conniff and Connor Samuelson helped Longmeadow manage possession and therefore allow for multiple scoring opportunities. Third period goals from Ben Sterritt, Kyle Barsalou, Gagne, & Kelleher (2), gave the Lancers a 9-8 lead after three. Barsalou scored again in the 4th but Pinkerton made a comeback and had taken an 11-10 lead with only a few minutes to go in the game. Joey Volk never stopped hustling and took advantage of a small opening to rip one into the back of the net to tie the game at 11-11. Longmeadow took the ensuing face-off and managed to get off another shot. The Pinkerton goalie made the stop but popped up the ball. A well positioned Jake Heger took full advantage and picked the ball out of the air before the goalie could grab it and made the point blank finish. Jake’s great hands and heads up gave Longmeadow the lead with just over a minute left. The Lancers were able to successfully kill some time off the clock thanks to a very elusive Garrett Gagne. We were tasting victory but then turned the ball over with only 10 seconds left in the game. The heartbreaker came next when Pinkerton executed a Hail Mary clear and scored with 1.5 seconds left on the clock tying the game. Pinkerton was pumped and had the momentum going into sudden death overtime. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened. They took the face and quickly found an open man on the crease. Game over 12 – 13. Despite the loss, the Lancers played very well and should be proud of the way that they competed. Hats off again to David Walen who had another outstanding day in goal.

Goals:   Kelleher (3), Gagne (2), Volk (2), Barsalou (2), Heger, Brooks, Sterritt

Assists:   Gagne (2), Barsalou, Sterritt, Elder 

 LHS – 8 / Minnechaug – 5                                4/22

The second time around netted the same result, victory for the Lancers on a beautiful afternoon at Russell Field. Longmeadow goes to 2-0 for the season vs its longtime rival. It was a hard fought, one goal game through three quarters with Nathan Brooks getting us on the board after a nice feed from Joey Volk. Minnechaug answered with two quick goals of their own to take the lead. It was short lived as goals by Dylan Kelleher and Garrett Gagne closed the first period with a 3-2 Lancer lead. After Minnechaug scored to begin the 2nd period, Ben Sterritt picked up his second assist of the game finding a cutting Kyle Barsalou which resulted in the only goal of the period and a halftime lead of 4-3. 3rd period goals by Gagne & Kelleher matched our opponents period production and a 6-5 lead after three. The difference in the game came in the 4th as the Lancers with apparently a little more gas in their tanks, scored two unanswered goals. A nice cross crease pass from Kelleher to Jake Heger, and an unassisted effort by Gagne ended the game at 8-5 and another tally in the win column. Minnechaug played tough the entire game and the goal differential could have been much greater had it not been for outstanding goal play from their freshman goalie Sam Wheaton, cousin of Longmeadow defender Tom. 

Goals:   Gagne (3), Kelleher (2), Heger, Barsalou, Brooks

Assists:   Sterritt (3), Heger, Volk, Brooks, Kelleher 

LHS – 12 / Westfield – 8                                4/19

It looked a little sloppy at times, but good ball movement by the offense created wonderful scoring opportunities which ultimately led to a victory in Westfield on Monday afternoon. Westfield must have thought that Dylan Kelleher was still on injured reserve, because they left him alone on the crease the entire game allowing the sophmore attackman 5 easy goals. Ground balls were the key to this game because it seemed like that is exactly where the ball was most of the time. Both teams struggled with catching & throwing but every time the scrum ended, it seemed like Longmeadow always wound up with the ball. The young Westfield squad refused to go away and kept themselves within reach the entire game. Kelleher scored in each period leading the Lancers on the day with 5 goals. Also finding the back of the net were Kyle Barsalou (2), Nathan Brooks (2), Joey Volk (2), and Garrett Gagne. Gagne & Volk had three assists each. Final score 12 – 8.

Goals:   Kelleher (5), Barsalou (2), Brooks (2), Volk (2), Gagne

Assists:   Gagne (3), Volk (3), Sterritt, Brooks, Barsalou


LHS – 4 / Deerfield Academy – 21                    4/14


“No pebble for you grasshopper”………….Master Kan

Bigger, faster, stronger is a winning recipe and that is exactly what Deerfield Academy cooked up for the Lancers on Wednesday. Call it what it was, a reality check for some, a defining moment for others, a painful loss for Longmeadow, and proof that we have a long way to go. Keep your heads up!

Goals:   Barsalou (2), Volk, Sterritt

Assists:  Sterritt

LHS – 8 / West Springfield – 11                                    4/13

You snooze, you lose. Hats off to undefeated Westside who showed up ready to play and walked away with their first victory over Longmeadow in program history. This loss was truly a team effort as we looked nothing like the team that beat Minnechaug days before, failing in every aspect of the game. Sloppy play and penalties killed us and handed Westside their greatest victory of all time. Hopefully we learned something today.

Goals:   Barsalou (2), Volk (2), Heger (2), Gagne, Sterritt

Assists:   Gagne (2), Brooks (2), McGoldrick, Barsalou

LHS – 14 / Minnechaug – 6                                        4/9

Firing on all cylinders. That’s how we could describe the first road game of the season for the Lancers when they traveled to Minnechaug to face the Falcons. The game opened up in typical Longmeadow / Wilbraham fashion but soon swung to the Lancers favor. Two unassisted goals by Kyle Barsalou got the scoring going before the Falcons netted one of their own. A nice feed from Jake Heger to Connor McGoldrick had us up 3-1 after the first period. The second period generated the same results with unassisted goals by Joey Volk (2) and Nathan Brooks and a 6-2 halftime score. The key to the first half was that we dominated on face-offs and ground balls. That domination continued after the break resulting in four more third period goals by Garrett Gagne, Heger, Barsalou & McGoldrick. Chaug didn’t give up and managed to tally three in the final period but the Lancers continued to one-up them and poured in four more of their own. Goals by McGoldrick, Brooks,Ggagne and sophmore John Mentor, his first varsity goal, ended the game with a final score of 14-6. The Lancers got great goaltending by David Walen while the defense of Wheaton, Welch & Whitney frustrated the Minnechaug offense the entire game.

Goals:   Barsalou (3), McGoldrick (3), Gagne (2), Volk (2), Brooks (2), Heger, Mentor

Assists:   Heger (4), Gagne (2), Volk (2), Brooks

LHS – 10 / Northampton – 6                    4/6/10

It wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win. Longmeadow gave Northampton countless opportunities during the game, but fotunately there was one Lancer who showed up ready to play……….Goalie David Walen. David made one great save after the next and arguably won the game single handedly.

Frankie Elder got his first point of the season halfway through the first period with a nice feed to Garrett Gagne for the first goal of the game. Unassisted efforts from Heger and Volk gave the Lancers a 3-1 lead heading into the second period. Northampton matched additional goals by Volk & Gagne to end the half with the Lancers up 5-3. With the help of outstanding goaltending, and defensive play from Andre Welch,  Longmeadow managed to stay one step ahead the entire game. Nathan Brooks once again dominated on faceoffs. Heger & Volk led the second half scoring with two goals apiece before Nathan Brooks hammered the final nail in the coffin. Final score 10 – 6.  Get ready boys, the competition is getting better.

Goals:   Volk (4), Heger (3), Gagne (2), Brooks

Assists:  Sterritt (2), Heger, Barsalou, Elder, Mckeown

LHS – 18 / Cathedral – 2                         4/5/10    

What a great day for lacrosse! Beautuful weather on Russell Field and agressive play by the home team provided the Lancers their second victory of the year. The young Cathedral squad suffered their third loss of the year by a margin of 18 – 2.

The game began with an unassisted goal by Kyle Barsalou, his first of five on the day. Additional first period goals by Gagne, Barsalou (2) and Volk (2) had the Lancers up 5 – 0 at the end of one. The second period got off to a quick start as Joey Volk allowed only five seconds to tic off the clock before scoring his third goal of the game. The game got chippy and the flags started flying in the second as it seemed like we were always either man-up or man-down. Cathedral got on the board halfway through the second period with a hard shot by Mickey Foley. But that didn’t stop Longmeadow from adding another five of their own by Volk (2) Barsalou, Sterritt & Heger and a halftime lead of 10 – 1.

The second half provided more of the same as the Lancers once again added five goals in the third from Heger (2), Scycurka, Brooks, & a beautiful behind the back goal from Barsalou while Cathedral added one additional goal ending the third with a score of 15-2. The Lancers cruised through the final period adding three more from Barsalou, Sterritt, and Cresci for a final score of 18-2.

Hats off to the defensive team of Welch, Wheaton and Whitney who frustrated Cathedrals offense the entire game. Keepers Walen and Shea were once again great and have only given up a total of three goals through the first two games. 

Goals:   Barsalou (5), Volk (4), Heger (3), Sterritt (2), Brooks, Gagne, Scycurka, Cresci

Assists:   Gagne (3), Brooks (2), McKeown (2), Heger, Volk, Payne, Polak

LHS – 14 / Belchertown – 1                    4/1/10

The season has begun!! 
The Lancers began the 2010 season with a home victory over the latest addition to the Western Mass high school lacrosse scene, Belchertown 14 – 1. Longmeadow got off to a very fast start with Nathan Brooks taking the opening faceoff and raced to the cage for the teams first goal of the season.  Longmeadow dominated both ends of the field and added goals from Heger, Barsalou, and Scycurka before the first period ended with a 6 – 0 lead. Belchertown found a little rythym in the second period slowing down the Lancer offense. Second period scoring from Heger and Gagne gave Longmeadow a commanding halftime lead of 9 – 0. Belchertown got their first goal of the game on a third period fast break, but three more goals by McGoldrick, Cresci and Gagne ended the third period with Belchertown down 12-1. The Lancers cruised through the final period with two more goals from Gagne and Keator and walked off Russell Field with their first victory of the year. Final score 14 – 1.

Good ball movement, solid defense, and steller goaltending from Walen & Shea leave the Lancers with a positive outlook on the season. More work and fine tuning ahead as the squad prepares for three games next week.

We were a little unorganized in our record keeping duties at the first game, but think that the stats below are accurate. Please let us know if otherwise. We promise a better effort in the future.

Goals:  Heger (4), Gagne (3), Barsalou (2), Brooks, Scycurka, McGoldrick, Keator, Cresci

Assists:  Volk (2), Gagne (2), Barsalou, Scycurka, Payne, Polak, Sterritt, 



Western Mass Finals    LHS-6/South Hadley-7 (Overtime)

Sometimes a happy ending isn’t in the cards. LHS, which battled South Hadley all evening in front of a huge Garber Field crowd in the Western Mass championship game, fell in sudden death overtime by a score of 6 to 7. The team put forth an incredible effort and came up just short in its attempt to win the Western Mass title for a third straight time. For LHS, it was the final time that seniors Rob O’Reilly, Billy Scott, Kyle McDermott, Niko Sierra, Griffin Wagner, Dan Cresci, Connor Dendievel, Alex Scyocurka, Steve McKenna and Kyle Smith would wear the white and black. These ten players distinguished themselves over the course of their careers and leave an indelible mark on the program for the underclassmen to emulate. Billy and Griffin will go on to play at Drew and Bates, respectively, and have many more games ahead of them. Niko, who won all eleven of his face-offs in the title game, finished his career with 106 points, the 11th highest career total for an LHS midfielder. Good luck to Niko and Alex Scyocurka as they pursue their football dreams. For Robbie O’Reilly, Kyle McDermott, Dan Cresci and Connor Dendievel thanks for the hustle and intensity. Do well in college. Congratulations Steve McKenna on your academic All American award. Most deserved! And lastly, for Kyle Smith, good luck at UMass! I have a feeling that it will be awhile before somebody challenges your LHS career point total of 413! Thanks for the memories. Since fourth grade, you’ve all been great to watch!


Goals: Gagne (2), Smith, Sierra, Scyocurka, Wagner

Assists: Smith (2), Sierra, Volk




Senior leadership provided by Kyle McDermott, Niko Sierra, Rob O’Reilly and Kyle Smith led LHS to a dramatic come from behind 11 to 6 win over Minnechaug in the Western Mass semi finals. Trailing throughout the game, the team appeared to ignite after two sensational Kyle McDermott saves on Minnechaug shots fired at point blank range with less than 9 minutes remaining in the game. Had either shot scored the momentum may have swung to Minnechaug and been enough to propel them to victory. Instead, off of a successful clear, Niko Sierra hit Rob O’Reilly for the game tying goal with 8:29 to play, setting the stage for one of the best big game finishes in LHS history, as the white and black struck for 4 goals in 60 seconds to take command of the game. At 3:59, Kyle Smith scores unassisted, 7-6 LHS. At 3:44, Kyle Smith off a Niko Sierra assist scores on a terrific top shelf shot, 8-6 LHS. At 3:24, Joe Volk scores off a Kyle Smith assist, 9-6 LHS. At 2:59, Kyle Barsalou scores off a Garrett Gagne assist, 10-6 LHS. Bang, bang, bang, bang. Amazing! This run was the result of an overpowering faceoff performance by Niko Sierra, who won thirteen of sixteen draws in the game. Niko was ably backed by Griffin Wagner, Nathan Brooks and Connor McGoldrick, each of whom also won all their face-offs in relief. Connor Samuelson and Justin Conniff again played huge games. Justin filled in for the injured Alex Scyocurka, trading in his traditional long pole for a short stick for the first time this season. Rob O’Reilly also stood out with many ground balls and “jet” clears, in addition to his big goal, just his third of the year. The starting defense of Will Spallino, Connor Dendievel and Tom Wheaton continually harassed the Minnechaug attack and held them to well below their season scoring averages. Next Monday at 7pm, under the lights at UMass’ Garber field, the program will go for its 32nd Western Mass lacrosse title against South Hadley, a surprise 5-4 overtime winner against top seed Westfield.


Goals: Smith (3), Volk (2), Barsalou (2), Sierra, Gagne, O

Assists: Smith (3), Sierra (3), Gagne, Volk



LHS-15/East Longmeadow-6

Playoff time! LHS began its defense of the 2008 state lacrosse title with a 15 to 6 playoff win against a tough East Longmeadow squad. East Longmeadow, playing very well, had the game tied at five at the half and provided a stiff challenge to LHS. Eventually, however, the greater talent of LHS won out and exploited the gaps in East Longmeadow’s shut off defensive scheme. Long stick defensive midfielders Justin Conniff and Connor Samuelson stood out with their play on both face offs and in the transition game. Conor McGoldrick also made a big contribution with four straight second half face off wins, killing any chance of an East Longmeadow comeback, and Niko Sierra equaled his career high in assists with four as he continually found the open man.


Goals: Smith (5), Gagne (3), Sierra (2), Volk, Barsalou, Cresci, O Reilly, Kelleher

Assists: Sierra (4), Volk (2), Scyocurka, Gagne, McGoldrick



LHS-9/South Hadley-7

Playing the last regular season home game of the 2009 season, LHS honored its ten graduating seniors and their parents today, with a brief pregame ceremony, saying goodbye to: Kyle McDermott, Dan Cresci, Steve McKenna, Niko Sierra, Alex Scyocurka, Connor Dendievel, Kyle Smith, Rob O’Reilly, Griffin Wagner and Bill Scott. During the contest, won by LHS by a score of 9 to 7, the play of Kyle McDermott and Griffin Wagner, in particular, stood out. The team now awaits its seeding and first round opponent in the State tournament as it goes for a Western Mass title “three-peat” and a return to the State title game for the 32nd time.


Goals: Smith (3), Gagne (2), Volk, Sterritt, Cresci, McKeown

Assists: Smith (4), Sierra (2), Wagner, O Reilly




LHS, behind Garrett Gagne’s 4 goals and Niko Sierra’s six point game, defeated Agawam, on the road, by a score of 16 to 7, improving its record to twelve wins and six losses. During the game Steve McKenna and Jake Heger teamed up on nifty “give and go” for a score, Kyle Barsalou had a wicked sidearm goal and a career high 3 assists, Conor McGoldrick at one point won seven straight face-offs and Bill Scott turned in his long defense pole for a short stick and made the most of it, as he recorded his first goal of the season! Up next is Senior Day and the final game of the regular season against South Hadley.


Goals: Gagne (4), Sierra (3), Kelleher (2), Volk, Barsalou, Heger, McGoldrick, Mckeown, Scott, McKenna

Assists: Sierra (3), Barsalou (3), Scyocurka, Heger, O’Reilly




LHS rode the play of goalie Kyle McDermott to an 8 to 7 win over tough Minnechaug today to virtually assure itself the top seed in the Western Mass playoffs. Kyle had a career high sixteen saves, earning many cheers from the big crowd, as he went save for save with Minnechaug’s Connor Kearney. Both players put on a goalie clinic, continually frustrating the shooters from either team. Garrett Gagne came up big for LHS with 3 points, including the game winning goal with 2 minutes to play.


Goals: Scyocurka (2), Gagne (2), Smith (2), Sterritt, Sierra

Assists: Gagne, Smith, Scyocurka, Kelleher, Volk, McKeown




You never know who the hero is going to be. Dan Cresci’s five yard bounce shot with four minutes to play capped a dramatic second half comeback from five goals down as LHS defeated Algonquin, on the road, by a score of 8 to 7. The score was just Dan’s second of the year. Playing with a competitive fire that refused to quit, LHS won its second game within 20 hours, having beaten one-loss Westfield the day before. With its loss today, Algonquin, an outstanding team, saw its record fall to fifteen wins against just two defeats. Justin Conniff, Rob O’Reilly, Griffin Wagner and Nathan Brooks stood out all game for their play between the restraining lines, hawking ground balls and leading the transition game. Garrett Gagne also played well and scored during the decisive second half run. Jake Heger had a beautiful assist to Kyle Smith, on the game tying goal in the fourth quarter, when he hit Kyle in stride enabling him to launch a fifteen yard rocket past the Algonquin goalie. Tom Wheaton, with the game on the line, intercepted a dangerous cross crease pass with his long stick in front of goalie Kyle McDermott (who also played great!) and then effortlessly led an important clear in the fourth quarter. Finally, if Niko Sierra looked faster and quicker than usual it may have been because he borrowed Mr. Smith’s cleats (which actually haven’t covered that much ground in years!) Up next, on Tuesday, is rival Minnechaug. Win and LHS will almost certainly lock up the number one seed in the Western Mass playoffs.


Goals: Smith (3), Sierra, Gagne, Kelleher, Volk, Cresci

Assists: Scyocurka (2), Smith, Sierra, Heger




Mercy, mercy, mercy! Westfield, which had celebrated heartily after their dramatic 12 to 11 win over LHS just two weeks ago, was reduced to watching the clock run without stoppage when Longmeadow led by twelve at the start of the fourth quarter and the MIAA mercy rule was imposed. Many plays stood out during the game; Justin Conniff had a key ground ball pickup and clear in a two man down situation; Griffin Wagner intercepted a Westfield pass against a Westfield two on one, thwarting an excellent scoring opportunity for Westfield with his great hustle; Niko Sierra did three “360s”, leaving four Westfield defenders dangling, on a scoring play; Alex Scyocurka equaled his career high in goals with three, all on fantastic individual dodging efforts; and, Joe Volk opened the game’s scoring with an assist to Dylan Kelleher after hustling all over the field to gain control of a loose ball. There being no rest for the weary, the team will visit tough Algonquin in less than twelve hours for a game against the #1 team in Central Mass.


Goals: Smith (4), Kelleher (4), Scyocurka (3), Barsalou, Volk, Sierra, McKeown, McKenna, Team

Assists: Brooks (2), Smith, O




What a difference! LHS, which has been looking better and better with each outing, blew up Amherst today by a score of 18 to 4. Just three weeks ago LHS struggled to defeat Amherst, 13 to 9, leading only by a 6 to 4 score at the half. Today’s halftime score was LHS-14/Amherst -1. Niko Sierra, Griffin Wagner, Nathan Brooks and Conor McGoldrick (and numerous line mates) combined to win 24 of 26 face offs in a dominating performance. Defensemen Will Spallino, Connor Samuelson and Billy Scott all had long clearing runs after quick ground ball pickups, with Billy getting his first assist of the year. Rob O’Reilly and Dan Cresci also scored their first goals of the year, a small reward for much hard work and good play throughout the season.


Goals: Smith (5), Kelleher (3), Gagne (2), McKenna (2), Scyocurka, Brooks, Volk, O’Reilly, McGoldrick, Cresci

Assists: Smith (2), Scyocurka, Brooks, Volk, O’Reilly, McGoldrick, Gagne, Scott, Sierra, Wagner



LHS-11/St. John’s of Shrewsbury-14

In a possible preview of the 2009 Western Mass/Central Mass state semi-final playoff contest, LHS lost at St. John’s today by a count of 14 to 11. The team played well enough to win but was betrayed by an inability to convert good looks on the cage (leaving many shots wide of the mark), failure to capture key ground balls, inopportune penalties and bounces that just didn’t go their way. The team’s defense strengthened considerably when Billy Scott entered the contest early in the third quarter and from that point forward only yielded three goals to St. John’s. Given the current upward trajectory of LHS, come playoff time it will be one tough competitor, as the benefits of playing the most difficult schedule in the state (out of 174 teams according to will result in a well tested group.


Goals: Smith (4), Sierra (3), Barsalou, Kelleher, Scyocurka, Volk

Assists: Smith (2), Sierra, Barsalou, Wheaton, Brooks




An improving LHS squad easily handled Minnechaug by a score of 11 to 3 on a muddy LHS varsity field. Many players stood out, with Nathan Brooks, Joe Volk and Alex Scyocurka each recording career highs in points. Joey and Nathan teamed up on one beautiful goal with tenacious riding by Joe leading to a turnover and assist as he found a cutting Nathan for a big score. Niko Sierra and Griffin Wagner, despite not figuring in the scoring, played major roles in the game’s outcome with their hustle. On defense, Connor Dendievel played his best game ever as he stalked and harassed his Minnechaug opponent(s); Colin Whitney also had a nice play when he stabbed a Minnechaug pass out of mid-air preventing a good scoring opportunity. Kyle McDermott, after surrendering consecutive goals early in the first quarter to Minnechaug star, Alex Lagovich, settled down and held Minnechaug to a single score, recording nine saves (many difficult) over the remainder of the game.


Goals: Smith (4), Volk (2), Sterritt (2), Brooks, Scyocurka, Kelleher

Assists: Brooks (3), Scyocurka (2), Smith, Volk, Barsalou, McGoldrick




In a game that was closer than the final score would suggest, LHS lost to #1 Medfield by a score of 13 to 4. Throughout the game, the team hustled and worked hard, however, Medfield’s faceoff advantage (they won all but four), and an undisciplined approach by LHS with regards to penalties, proved too much to overcome. In the second half alone, LHS was assessed 10.5 minutes of penalties and probably thirteen or fourteen minutes of penalties were assessed for the game against LHS in total. For its part, Medfield, who played their starters to the final whistle, (amazingly) did not receive a single penalty during the contest. Senior Kyle McDermott in goal, with his first career start, played well with thirteen saves.


Goals: Volk (2), Brooks, Barsalou

Assists: Smith, Sierra, Barsalou




An inability to convert on numerous shot opportunities, many one on one with the Westfield goalie, cost LHS its game against undefeated Westfield in front of a big crowd at Westfield High School. Afterwards, Westfield celebrated its hard earned victory as though they had won the Western Mass title, smiling broadly for a team photo. Alex Scyocurka, Connor Dendievel and Niko Sierra stood out in defeat. Up next on Sunday is a state title game rematch with Medfield, who will be bringing their 12-0 record and #1 ranking in the state to LHS for a 2pm faceoff. Good luck and play well.


Goals: Smith (3), Sierra (3), Scyocurka (3), Barsalou, McKeown

Assists: Smith (2), Heger (2), Kelleher



LHS-16/East Longmeadow-3

Playing in arguably the “longest” game in school history, LHS defeated East Longmeadow by a 16 to 3 count. The game was picked up in process, with Longmeadow leading 4 to 1, 27 days after it was stopped due to a lightning storm on April 2nd. Looking and playing nothing like that “old” team, new look LHS played explosive lacrosse in its second strong outing in a row, evidenced by the fact that all but one of the twelve goals scored today was assisted. With his three assists, Kyle Smith became the school’s all time assist leader with a total that now stands at 144. Smooth freshman attackman Dylan Kelleher, making the most of his playing time, had a big game scoring three quick goals and adding an assist during his third quarter run. The team will get to gauge just how much progress it is making in the next six days as it takes on undefeated Westfield, powerhouse Medfield in a rematch of the past two state title games, and always strong Minnechaug.


Goals: Kelleher (3), Smith (2), Gagne (2), Barsalou (2), Brooks (2), Sierra, Heger, Scyocurka, McGoldrick, Volk

Assists: Smith (3), Sierra (2), Heger (2), Barsalou, Greiner, Wagner, Kelleher, McGoldrick, Brooks



LHS-13/South Hadley-4

On a very hot 94-degree day, LHS easily played its best game of the year against South Hadley, winning by a 13 to 4 count. Goalies Dave Walen and Kyle McDermott played well with five saves each and strong outlet passing. Freshman Dylan Kelleher played well and scored his first varsity goal off a slick pass from Niko Sierra. During the game one play stood out as Billy Scott stripped his man of the ball, smartly passed it to Kyle McDermott, which lead to – in rapid succession – passes to Andre Gagne, Tom Wheaton and Joe Volk on a beautiful clear which ended with a penalty as Joe was slashed by his South Hadley opponent entering the Longmeadow offensive end. Football star Alex Scyocurka, who looks increasingly comfortable in a lacrosse helmet, had the first multi-goal game of his career with athletic unassisted efforts. Neither goal, however, was as nice as the one his younger brother, Nate, scored in the J.V. game on the next field. On that goal Nate went side arm, top shelf, against the South Hadley goalie on a well- executed fast break.


Goals: Smith (6), Sierra (2), Scyocurka (2), Kelleher, Sterritt, Barsalou

Assists: Sierra (2), Heger (2), Smith, Cresci, Wagner




Too many unforced turnovers (twenty) and too many penalties cost LHS as it lost on the varsity football field by a 17 to 8 count to Pinkerton Academy, New Hampshire’s number 1 ranked team. In defeat, Kyle McDermott stood out making many saves after he entered the contest, shutting out Pinkerton for the final fourteen minutes of the game.


Goals: Heger (3), Smith (2), Barsalou, Volk, Sierra

Assists: Smith, Volk, Scyocurka




Looking out of synch and playing poorly, LHS was hammered today by the score of 14 to zero on a very cold and windy day at the Hotchkiss School. Success or failure usually comes down to the little things; intensity, protecting the ball, finding the open man, catching, throwing and shooting. Hopefully the team will regroup, focus on the little things and stay positive. Up next on Saturday is Pinkerton, New Hampshire’s number 1 team, looking to avenge defeat in each of the last two years.





Playing inspired lacrosse, hustling all over the field and refusing to quit, Amherst pushed Longmeadow to the end before losing 9 to 13 on a very muddy and rain soaked Amherst H.S. field.


Goals: Heger (4), Barsalou (2), Smith, McGoldrick, Sierra, Brooks, Volk, Syocurka, Wagner

Assists: Smith (5), Heger



LHS-5/Deerfield Academy-19

LHS had a chance to get measured against the best today and fell by a 19 to 5 count to Deerfield Academy, perhaps the best prep lacrosse program in the country. During the game the hustle and fight of Niko Sierra, Alex Scyocurka, Griffin Wagner and Nathan Brooks stood out and prevented an even more lopsided outcome.


Goals: Smith (2), Brooks, Heger, Sterritt

Assists: Sierra (2), Scyocurka, Heger




LHS burst out to a 5-0 first quarter lead, playing its best lacrosse so far in 2009, on its way to a 14-10 victory that was not as close as the final score indicated. The team continues to improve and for long stretches today looked like a team on the rise. Griffin Wagner, recovered from a preseason ankle injury, played great, scoring once and assisting on two others. His first assist on a nifty fast break pass to Kyle Smith put Kyle atop the career point list at LHS. Dave Walen played a strong game with 10 saves before leaving for Kyle McDermott in relief. Alex Scyocurka, looking like the running back he is, had a terrific run, shoot, score sequence to get his first goal of the year. Garrett Gagne got his first two varsity goals and Joe Volk had a nice play when he assisted on Griffin’s goal early in the game. On defense, Tom Wheaton had an amazing play where he stabbed a shot out of mid air and proceeded to clear the ball up field in a tense man down situation. Up next, on Wednesday, will be undefeated national power, Deerfield Academy. LHS traditionally plays Deerfield tough and will have to be at its best to keep the score close.


Goals: Smith (6), Brooks (2), Gagne (2), Wagner, Scyocurka, McKeown, Conniff

Assists: Wagner (2), Brooks, McGoldrick, Sierra, Woodward, Volk



LHS-19/West Springfield-8

LHS, on a cold and windy afternoon, struggled to find a rhythm before finally putting Westside away by a 19 to 8 count. The first half, in particular, was marked by many errant passes and missed catches and if not for the face-off abilities of Niko Sierra and Nathan Brooks, LHS may have gone into halftime behind on the scoreboard instead of leading, 7 to 5. Niko and Nathan combined to win all fourteen first half face-offs and 22 of 27 for the game. On one play, which brought images of years past, Tom Wheaton intercepted a pass and quickly got the ball to Andre Welch, who hit a streaking midfielder up field. Classic LHS lax! During the game, Rob O’Reilly looked like a jet motoring up and down the field, Nathan Brooks scored his first career hat trick and Conor McGoldrick and Ben Sterritt got their first varsity points. Kyle Smith with his first goal of the game became the all time leading goal scorer at LHS, his total now stands at 193.


Goals: Smith (5), Heger (3), Brooks (3), Volk, Sierra, McGoldrick, McKeown, McKenna, Sterritt, Woodward

Assists: Heger (4), Smith (3), Volk (2), Sierra (2), McGoldrick, McKeown, McKenna




A new edition LHS boys’ lacrosse team opened defense of its 2008 state title with a convincing 14 to 9 win against outgunned Cathedral. LHS, with only three returning starters (including Griffin Wagner, who did not play due to a sprained ankle), received contributions from many new faces and rolled out to a 6-0 score at the end of the first period, stretched it to 11-2 at the half and coasted home. Leaving right off where the 2008 season ended, Niko Sierra and Nathan Brooks were dominating on face-offs, winning all but two of the fifteen first half draws, turning the game into a make it/take it contest for LHS. The starting defense of Billy Scott, Connor Dendievel, Dave Wheaton and goalie Dave Walen played a strong half and became increasingly aggressive as their playing time increased. In the second quarter all three defenders simultaneously crunched a Cathedral attackman leading to a sharp ground ball pick up by Connor and a trademark LHS fast break opportunity. The halftime score allowed coach Rauseo to give valuable minutes to all players and much hustle was evidenced in the second half by many new to the varsity program. During the game long stick midfielder Andre Welch stood out. Andre was a hawk on defense and in the transition game.


Goals: Smith (4), Heger (4), Sierra (2), Barsalou, Conniff, McKenna, McKeown

Assists: Smith (4), Heger (2), McGoldrick, Cresci, Woodward,




State Final LHS-14/Medfield-10 (6/14)

LHS captures 17th boys state lacrosse title! Down 7 to 4 with nine minutes remaining in the second quarter, LHS ripped through a dominating 9 to 1 scoring run to take a 13 to 8 lead with 3 minutes to play. During the run, LHS got to within one at halftime, 7 to 8, and then blew the game open with a 5 to 0 blanking in the third quarter to take total control of the contest. The turnaround was fueled by the faceoff power of Niko Sierra, and an aggressive and punishing close defense of Sam McGrath, Matt Gagne and Collin Schmitt, who began to greatly harass and limit the quality of the shots coming from the Medfield attack (Collin later capped off the game by scoring the 14th LHS goal on a long run with just over a minute to play). Niko took 24 of 28 faceoff draws against his #15 Medfield opponent, Brian Foster, winning 14. Griffin Wagner, in relief of Niko, also won half of his face-offs against Foster and helped wear him down. Alex Scyocurka played the best game I have ever seen by a player that didn’t touch the ball. His efforts on midfield defense to deny his man the ball were unbelievable! He played lock down defense and took his man, typically Medfield’s best offensive midfielder, totally out of the game, each and every time. Charlie Sullivan was flying all over the field and his big hit (and penalty) near midfield emphatically announced to all that this was a team going all out. Midfielders David Thor, Niko Sierra, Richard Travers, Gavin Parker and Griffin Wagner contributed significantly to the offense and they combined to have many nice ground balls, clears, shots and goals. They clearly kept the Medfield defense off balance and helped “stretch” the field for the LHS offense. James Reardon, in his last game, contributed six big points and many outstanding plays. James and his vocal focus on winning “states” was a beacon for the team all season. However, the player of the game was clearly goalie Richard Al-Husseini, who recorded a career high 19 saves, many of them dramatic. Richard kept LHS in the game early when it looked as though Medfield might run LHS out of town, with 6 first quarter saves, and then stonewalled Medfield with a huge 11-save second half. Richard made sure the door stayed shut for Medfield. After the game, the players, friends and families mingled and celebrated, smiled, shook hands and stood for pictures on the sidelines, no doubt delaying the start of the girls’ final which was immediately following. In that game, the LHS girls, a big underdog to Westwood, fell by the close score of 7 to 10, earning a moral victory in defeat. For the season there were a number of performances that stood out; senior James Reardon shattered the career point record with 329 and his point total of 136 for the year is the second highest of all time; his line mate, junior Kyle Smith, with 311 points follows very close behind. Kyle’s 149 points, including 92 goals, set LHS single season records this year; Derek Brown had an outstanding year and with his career high 54 points thrown in, made the Reardon, Brown, Smith attack unit one of the highest scoring groups in state history; David Thor’s unexpected return to school this year allowed him to climb into the LHS record books with his top ten midfielder performances in goals this year (44) and career points (123). Finally, it is the last call for fourteen wonderful seniors who previously had won team titles in football, basketball, hockey and skiing as they capped off their high school careers with a state lacrosse title; #1-Dan Ryan, #2-Teddy Chesbro, #5-Sam McGrath, #10-Gavin Parker, #11-James Reardon, #12-Richard Travers, #13-Sean McDonough, #14-Charlie Sullivan, #16-Richard Al-Husseini, #18-Matt Gagne, #22-Collin Schmitt, #23-Chris Hess, #26-Derek Brown, #33-Dave Thor. Good luck to you all and thank you.


Goals: Smith (4), Reardon (2), Thor (2), Travers (2), Brown, Sierra, Parker, Schmitt

Assists: Reardon (4), Smith (2), Brown, Sierra



State Semi-Final LHS-14/Westborough-4 (6/11)

Westborough, a team that had given up as many as 10 goals only twice all season, was shredded by LHS to the score of 12-0 before halfway through the second quarter in an impressive display of skill and teamwork, at which time Coach Rauseo pulled all the starters (except for goalie Richard Al-Husseini). The second teamers then played seventeen-win Westborough to nearly a dead even standstill for the final 30 minutes of the game. With the win, LHS qualified for its’ 32nd appearance in the state title game, where it will meet Medfield in pursuit of the school’s 17th state title. On championship Saturday the LHS boys will be joined by the LHS girls who also qualified for their title game by winning their state semi -final match. Another great day for Longmeadow lacrosse! During the game, Richard Al-Husseini played extremely well in goal, with 9 big saves and many good outlet passes, and when Dave Whalen subbed for him with six minutes to play he received much deserved applause from the crowd as he left the field. Afterwards he was seen being interviewed for the news. David Thor intercepted three Westborough passes on the same midfield defensive shift in the second quarter, a feat so unusual that it deserves mention, and as always, he played a strong offensive game. Derek Brown, who is peaking at exactly the right time, had his third strong game in a row – the attack line now brings 325 points into the championship game. Griffin Wagner, for the second time in the playoffs, won all of his face-off draws (7) and Connor Dendievel played extremely well in his first extended runs at the long stick middie position all season. Good luck and have fun on Saturday. You have been fun to watch and are an exceptional team.


Goals: Reardon (4), Smith (3), Thor (2), Brown, Sierra, Heger, Cresci, Parker

Assists: Smith (4), Brown (2), Wagner (2), Sierra, McKeown



Western Mass Final LHS-15/Minnechaug-6 (6/7)

On a blistering hot evening, LHS pulled away from underdog Minnechaug and claimed its’ second straight Western Mass title by a 15 to 6 score in front of a big crowd at Holyoke H.S., boosting its record to 19 wins against only 2 defeats. On Wednesday, LHS will meet the winner of Sunday’s Central Mass title game, either Westborough or Shrewsbury, in the state semi- finals at East Longmeadow H.S. Minnechaug’s success at the face-off X in the first half enabled it to keep the ball from the LHS offense, and the score close at the half, as they were down only 4 to 7. James Reardon’s first half offensive show (5 points in the first 24 minutes) helped immensely in staking LHS to its’ lead. In the second half, it was a different story as LHS began to overpower and wear down Minnechaug, as Niko Sierra began to control face-offs and the team began to increase the quality of its’ scoring chances. For the game, Sam McGrath, Derek Brown and Richard Al-Husseini stood out. Sam played great defense and was all over the field. Sam also scored the 12th LHS goal unassisted after a long run through the Minnechaug ride and defense. Derek had a season high six points and Richard made numerous tough saves. During the second half, Kyle Smith quietly found his way into the record books, his 85 goals and 136 points on the year are both new single season records as he passed previous record holders Mike Sweet ’88 and Ed Carey ’85 in both categories.


Goals: Reardon (4), Smith (3), Travers (3), Brown (2), Thor (2), McGrath

Assists: Brown (4), Reardon (3), Smith (2), Scyocurka



LHS-23/St. Josephs-6 (6/3)

Whatever thoughts surprise semi-finalist St. Josephs of Pittsfield had of beating LHS were quickly snuffed out as LHS struck for six goals in the first three-and-a-half minutes of the game. In fact, the score was 8 to 0 before the St. Josephs attack touched the ball. The St. Josephs attack, which had torched East Longmeadow in their first round playoff victory, was a non-factor. LHS continued to score at will and led 17 to 2 at the six minute mark of the second quarter, which is the point at which Coach Rauseo pulled the starting players. During the game, Griffin Wagner won all seven of his face-off draws, Niko Sierra had a career high four assists (and six face-off wins), Matt Gagne got his first point of the season (an assist to Jake Heger), Richard Al-Husseini played well in goal (9 saves), and defensive specialist Alex Scyocurka pushed his consecutive game scoring streak to two! Awaiting the team in the Western Mass finals will be Minnechaug, who defeated Westfield in the other semi-final. Both games were played as a double-header on the Holyoke High turf field, as will be the Western Mass championship.


Goals: Smith (5), Reardon (4), Thor (4), Heger (2), Travers (2), McKeown (2), Brown, McKenna, Scyocurka, Cresci

Assists: Sierra (4), Reardon (2), Heger (2), Brown (2), Smith, Sullivan, Gagne



LHS-14/South Hadley-4 (5/27)

LHS finished its regular season with a 14 to 4 win at South Hadley and a record of 17 wins and 2 losses. Up next is the four game “playoff” season, win out and the team captures the 17th state title in school history! During the game, defensive midfielder Alex Scyocurka scored his first points of the season with a goal and an assist, David Thor moved past Ellis Reavey (who had 107 career points) into tenth place all time on the midfield point list and James Reardon became the first LHS player to cross the 300 career point threshold.


Goals: Smith (4), Reardon (2), Thor (2), Sierra (2), Brown (2), Scyocurka, Travers

Assists: Reardon (5), Smith (3), Scyocurka, Volk, Wagner



LHS-20/Agawam-3 (5/23)

LHS put up 12 first quarter goals and never looked back in the last regular season home game of the 2008 season. With the win, the team pushed its record to 16-2. Defenseman (“attackman”) Chris Hess scored his first ever LHS goal and Bill Scott Jr. also had an assist against the team coached by his dad, Bill Scott Sr.!


Goals: Thor (3), Smith (3), Reardon (2), Brown (2), Cresci (2), Heger, McKenna, McKeown, Wagner, Parker, Sierra, Hess, Travers

Assists: Reardon (3), Smith (2), Heger, Brooks, Thor, Travers, Scott, Volk



LHS-16/Minnechaug-3 (5/20)

Wow! Double wow! LHS hammered Minnechaug at the LHS varsity field, blowing out to a 15 to 2 lead after three periods and coasting home to win 16 to 3. Minnechaug, which came into the game with twelve wins in thirteen tries to teams not named LHS, and a #8 ranking, was totally overwhelmed by the athleticism and skill of LHS. The two-headed face-off monster of Griffin Wagner and Niko Sierra (aided by wing-mates Charlie Sullivan and David Thor) dominated the “X” and combined to take twelve of the first thirteen face-offs. The defense of Colin Schmitt, Matt Gagne and Sam McGrath was awesome all game and harassed the Minnechaug attack constantly. Goalie Richard Al-Husseini was seldom tested, and finished with six saves (Dave Whalen had two more!). Richard’s outstanding outlet passing during the contest fueled many fast breaks and helped to keep Minnechaug off-balance. Throughout the game the players looked like they were flying; Gavin Parker, Derek Brown, Richard Travers, Ted Chesbro and Alex Scyocurka stood out. Late in the game, during one particularly intense offensive flurry marked by much slashing (and two Minnechaug penalties), Steve McKenna buried the final LHS goal of the day, and his tenth of the year, off a nice pass from Joe Volk as his teammates roared with approval. Lastly, with his seven-point game, James Reardon became just the ninth LHS player to exceed 100 points in a year and for only the third time in school history are there multiple hundred point scorers on the same team.


Goals: Reardon (5), Smith (3), Thor (3), Travers (2), Sierra, McKenna, Brown

Assists: Smith (6), Reardon (2), Sierra (2), Travers, Volk



LHS-14/Algonquin-3 (5/17)

In a dominating display, 2nd ranked LHS burst out to a 10-0 halftime lead against eleven-win Algonquin Regional in a rematch of last year’s state semi final, and coasted to a 14-3 victory. The starting defense of Sam McGrath, Matt Gagne and Colin Schmitt played flawlessly in front of goalie Richard Al-Husseini, limiting the Algonquin scoring opportunities and moving the ball up the field smartly. On one play which was indicative of the game, Richard made a good save and then hit an LHS midfielder on a 30 yard outlet pass initiating another LHS fast break. The midfield play was strong and solid, as usual, and Robbie O’Reilly stood out with his hustle and quickness when he was on the field. During the game, Joe Volk scored his second of the season and Niko Sierra had a beautiful goal where he overpowered the Algonquin defenders before scoring on a nice layup.


Goals: Smith (5), Reardon (2), Thor (2), Brown (2), Sierra, Parker, Volk

Assists: Reardon (5), Smith (3), Sierra, Brooks, Heger



LHS-15/Westfield-5 (5/16)

As usual, 3rd ranked LHS trailed at the end of the first quarter, 2 to 3, largely as a result of two busted clears that led to easy Westfield scores. And, as usual, LHS got its’ act together in the second and third periods, outscoring Westfield 12 to 2 as it earned its’ thirteenth win of the season on a very rainy day. The game was marked by terrific riding from the attack of Derek Brown, James Reardon (career high 8 assists!) and Kyle Smith, which frequently led to LHS scoring opportunities. Richard Al-Husseini , with 10 saves, many difficult, had a very strong game.


Goals: Smith (6), Reardon (3), Thor (2), Brown (2), Sierra, Travers

Assists: Reardon (8), Smith (2), Thor



LHS-21/Amherst-9 (5/13)

LHS got past a stubborn Amherst team, 21 to 9, utilizing a ten goal fourth quarter to finally put the game out of reach. During the game, Robbie O’Reilly scored his first varsity point on a nifty assist to Jake Heger, Nathan Brooks won eight of eleven face-offs, Charlie Sullivan scored once (he just missed a second) and assisted once, and Niko Sierra scored a career high six points that featured three unassisted goals.


Goals: Smith (6), Reardon (3), Sierra (3), Thor (2), Brown, Travers, Sullivan, Heger, Parker, Wagner, McKeown

Assists: Reardon (3), Sierra (3), Brown (2), Smith, Sullivan, O’Reilly



LHS-10/Duxbury-14 (5/10)

West vs. East, number 5 vs. number 1, LHS travelled to top-ranked Duxbury with the objective of being the first Massachusetts team to beat Duxbury in 86 games, only to lose 14 to 10. For the third straight game, LHS started slowly and got blown off the field for the first 16 minutes of the contest, trailing 9 to 1 in front of a big pro-Duxbury crowd. Having taken numerous knockout punches, the team got off the canvas, righted itself, and started to compete, ultimately, amazingly, closing the gap to 14-10 with just over three minutes remaining. LHS won the ensuing face-off and got the look it wanted, the shot, however, bounced off the cross bar and LHS didn’t threaten again. From the sideline, Richard Travers and Charlie Sullivan stood out all game with their hustle and play-making abilities. After the post game handshake the team walked slowly to the bus, many players, no doubt, exhausted by their effort and all (I am sure) proud of how they competed. As a footnote to history, this was only the 8th game in Duxbury’s amazing streak where its opponent scored in double figures and in none of those games (many lopsided) was more than eleven goals scored.


Goals: Thor (4), Reardon (2), Smith, Travers, Brown, Sierra

Assists: Smith (3), Travers (2), Reardon



LHS-15/Scituate-10 (5/8)

For the second game in a row LHS started slowly and trailed 2007 state division 3 finalist, Scituate, at the half, 6-5. Shut out in the first quarter and down 6 to 3 with a few minutes to play in the second quarter, the LHS offense started to click and was able to score twice and steal the momentum just prior to halftime. In the second half, LHS took control of the game and put away Scituate with a ball-hawking, unselfish style of play. Kyle Smith had a big game, scoring eleven times and adding three assists, to pace the offense.


Goals: Smith (11), Thor (2), Reardon, Brown

Assists: Reardon (4), Smith (3), Brown (2), Wagner, Sullivan



LHS-13/Minnechaug-7 (5/6)

Starting slowly and down 2 to 1 at the end of the first period, LHS took control of the game in the second quarter and didn’t look back, defeating Minnechaug 13 to 7 before a big crowd at Minnechaug High School. The win pushed LHS to a record of 10 and 1 on the season. As usual, the game was marked by outstanding defensive play and crisp passing which led to many high quality scoring opportunities. James Reardon’s third goal of the game with 10 minutes remaining, which pushed the LHS advantage to 12 to 4, earned him his 255th point of his career, breaking the record set by Ed Carey from the class of 1985 atop the all time LHS point list. With his well earned record, James adds to the rich legacy of LHS lacrosse, the most successful program in Massachusetts lacrosse history. Niko Sierra also played a memorable game, as he won fifteen straight face-offs at one point, in a dominating and punishing performance at the face-off X. For the second straight game, Niko also leveled his defender with his bruising offensive style.


Goals: Smith (4), Reardon (3), Brown (3), Travers, Wagner, Parker

Assists: Thor (3), Smith (2), Reardon (3), Sierra



LHS-14/Medfield-9 (5/4)

In a game that was not as close as the score would indicate, LHS dismantled once beaten and 7th ranked Medfield on the road by a 14 to 9 count. With the win, LHS moved to 9 and 1 on the season. An aggressive and nasty team defense led by Collin Schmitt, Matt Gagne, Sam McGrath, Niko Sierra, Charlie Sullivan and Alex Scyocurka, which challenged the Medfield attack and midfield units, was in evidence all afternoon. In fact, Medfield, with one of the most talented offenses in the state, scored only two even man goals all game as Longmeadow found itself frequently heading to the penalty box. It was as a result of one these penalties, to goalie Richard Al-Husseini, that David Whalen was called to action to the cheers of his teammates to face Medfield’s big shooters in a tense man down situation. On the other side of the field, the offense, led by James Reardon, was sharp and efficient, resulting in many scoring opportunities. Richard Travers had a monster game and Griffin Wagner, David Thor and Gavin Parker played strong on both ends of the field. The next six days will be exciting, with no time to relax! The team plays 8 and 1 Minnechaug, defending state division 3 finalist, Scituate, and top ranked Duxbury, winners of 82 straight against Massachusetts competition since losing in the 2003 Division 1 state final.


Goals: Reardon (7), Smith (2), Travers (2), Brown (2), Thor

Assists: Smith (4), Travers (3), Reardon, Brown, Wagner



LHS-15/Westfield-6 (5/2)

LHS broke out to a 9-3 lead at the half, stretched it to 14-4, and coasted home with a solid win against Westfield. The loss dropped Westfield’s record to 10-2. The team was led in the game by James Reardon’s offense (7 goals, 3 assists) and Niko Sierra’s dominating faceoff performance. On Sunday, a rematch of last years’ state championship game awaits, as 5th ranked LHS travels to 7th ranked Medfield. Good luck!


Goals: Reardon (7), Thor (3), Smith (2), Sierra, Brown, Brooks

Assists: Reardon (3), Parker (2), Thor, Smith, Sierra, Volk



LHS-16/South Hadley-9 (4/30)

LHS struggled to a 16 to 9 win against South Hadley on a cold day at the LHS varsity field. David Thor stood out with his first three goal game of the year and Ted Chesbro, earning his first varsity start, played well in relief of Colin Schmitt who was moved to long stick D for the game. Up next is always tough Westfield, who will bring their 9 and 1 record to LHS on Friday, this will be the last tune up before Sunday’s 2007 state final rematch with 10 and 1 Medfield.


Goals: Reardon (6), Smith (3), Thor (3), Brown (2), Wagner (2)

Assists: Brown (3), Smith (3), Reardon (2), Travers, Sullivan



LHS-13/Pinkerton Academy-7 (4/26)

Great teamwork! LHS boosted its’ record to 6-1 after handing Pinkerton Academy, New Hampshire’s 2nd ranked team, its first loss of the season, 13-7. LHS made Pinkerton pay for its’ decision to play shut-off defense and broke down their isolated defenders with individual one-on-one moves, as evidenced by the fact that 10 of the 13 goals were unassisted. LHS set the tone of the game early, scoring first off of a nice Griffin Wagner unassisted goal. Derek Brown also delivered a strong performance with 3 big points. The team defense in front of goalie Richard Al-Husseini (10 saves) was brilliant and limited the quality of the shots that Pinkerton was able to muster. Every ground ball was contested and most seemed to end up in an LHS stick. The game was memorable, as well, for the dramatic entrance of Alex Scyocurka and Niko Sierra, both of whom arrived shortly after the game started, due to their participation earlier in the day in a Boston College football recruiting event. Alex played his best game ever for LHS lacrosse. His one-on-one defense was outstanding and his stick work and passing solid. After the game Alex was observed peeling off his game jersey to reveal the nice white polo shirt he had worn to Boston College, earning him a “best dressed” nod as well.


Goals: Reardon (5), Smith (3), Brown (2), Sierra, Travers, Wagner

Assists: Smith (2), Brown



LHS-16/Amherst-6 (4/22)

LHS increased its’ record to 5-1 with a solid win against Amherst on the LHS varsity field. LHS put the game out of reach early with a seven goal first quarter and led comfortably at halftime, 11 to 3. Hustle, a hallmark all season, was in evidence in the second quarter when Colin Schmitt broke up a dangerous two on one by Amherst with an intercepted pass, and by the attack units that rode the Amherst defense relentlessly, causing many turnovers. The team, which is currently ranked 3rd in the state by will need a focused and determined effort when it travels to meet 7-0 Pinkerton Academy, New Hampshire’s top ranked team, on Saturday. Good luck!


Goals: Reardon (4), Smith (3), Sierra (2), Travers (2), Brown, Thor, Heger, Parker, Brooks

Assists: Sierra (2), Brown (2), Thor (2), Schmitt (2), Smith (2), Reardon



LHS-18/Northampton-10 (4/18)

LHS charged out of the gate and put up eight first quarter goals en route to a convincing 12-3 halftime lead and 18-10 final against Northampton. It was a strong and dominating effort by the team in running its’ record to 4 and 1. Standouts included Niko Sierra (5 points) and Gavin Parker (3 points) both of whom had career highs in points. Nathan Brooks closed out the game by taking 14 of the last 15 face-offs, winning 10, and Joe Volk easily won the awards for best goal and best hit. On Joe’s goal (his first for LHS), an alley dodge from the top right, he froze his defender and sped by him before scoring on a 12-yard bullet. Later, in the fourth quarter, Joe blindsided a Northampton player as he attempted to clear the ball out of his defensive end. Two really big plays! Colin Schmitt also scored his first goal of the year on a nice length of the field run from his defensive position. Up next is Amherst, followed on Saturday by undefeated Pinkerton Academy, the second ranked team in New Hampshire according to


Goals: Sierra (3), Smith (3), McKenna (2), Parker (2), Reardon, Heger, McKeown, Volk, Schmitt, Thor, Dendievel, Opponent

Assists: Smith (3), Sierra (2), Reardon, Parker, Brooks, Dendievel



LHS-6/Deerfield Academy-10 (4/16)

Playing inspired lacrosse, LHS gave a valiant effort in losing its’ first game of the season to Deerfield. For forty-eight minutes LHS showed no quit and didn’t back down. Deerfield, currently ranked 18th in the nation by Inside Lacrosse Magazine, with a roster of future college stars drawn from seven states and two foreign countries, had its’ hands full of LHS intensity. Keys to the game, as always, were face-offs and goal-tending and LHS received superb efforts from Niko Sierra and Richard Al-Husseini in both areas. Everyone that stepped on the field made plays and worked hard. The defense of Matt Gagne, Sam McGrath and Collin Schmitt stood tall against a very talented Deerfield attack unit and repeatedly cleared the ball up field to open midfielders and attackmen. Midfielders Gavin Parker, Charlie Sullivan, David Thor (two goals), Connor Dendievel, Alex Scyocurka, Griffin Wagner, Richard Travers and Nathan Brooks worked hard between the restraining lines, playing solid defense, getting after ground balls and passing to the open man. On attack, James Reardon stood out, quarterbacking the offense with skill, working hard to get the ball in his stick while under constant challenge from a very aggressive Deerfield defense. Working against such pressure is exhausting and James went all out, all game.


Goals: Smith (4), Thor (2)

Assists: Reardon (3), Travers



LHS-12/East Longmeadow-3 (4/10)

LHS pounded out a 12 to 3 win at East Longmeadow on what was easily the nicest day of 2008. Richard Al-Husseini played extremely well, with many saves and outstanding passing. Richard’s ability to turn the momentum of the game around with a save and quick outlet pass was, and has been, exceptional this season. Face-offs, a typical edge for LHS, were lost to East Longmeadow’s Chris Setian who single-handedly demonstrated a skill and tenacity that helped prevent LHS from blowing the game open. In the fourth quarter, Alex Scyocurka, shook seismic monitors in the area when he jacked up an East Longmeadow attackman along the fan side of the field. Glad he plays for LHS! Always hustling long stick Charlie Sullivan scored once and assisted on another goal to James Reardon. Kyle Smith, with his five goals, moved past John Delisio and now stands in the top 10 of LHS all time point scorers. Up next week is Deerfield Academy, a real test for the team. Deerfield is ranked nationally by Inside Lacrosse in their top 25 and is perhaps the top team in New England. Also, on Sunday, Duxbury will be playing a NY high school at Springfield College. Duxbury has won something like 80 straight games against Massachusetts competition. LHS plays Duxbury later in the season. I believe that LHS will give a good account of itself against both Deerfield and Duxbury.


Goals: Smith (5), Reardon (2), Wagner (2), Thor, Sullivan, Brown

Assists: Reardon (3), Brown (2), Thor, Sullivan, Travers, Sierra



LHS-28/West Springfield-0 (4/8)

LHS overwhelmed West Side today by a score of 28-0 on the LHS varsity field. Crisp ball movement, as evidenced by the 20 assists recorded in the game, and a near perfect faceoff performance that saw the team lose only four of thirty-two draws stood out. Goalies Richard Al-Husseini and David Whalen were seldom threatened. With his eight point day, James Reardon became only the seventh player in school history to score over 200 points.


Goals: Reardon (6), Smith (6), Heger (4), McKenna (4), Travers (2), McKeown (3), Parker, Brown, Brooks

Assists: Smith (5), Reardon (2), Heger (2), McKenna, Travers (3), McKeown, Parker (2), Brown, Cresci (2), Schmitt



LHS-20/Cathedral-4 (4/1)

A state finalist in 2007 for a record 30th time, Longmeadow High School opened the defense of its’ Western Mass lacrosse title with a solid 20 to 4 victory over Cathedral at the LHS varsity field on a chilly and damp Tuesday afternoon. The faceoff duo of Niko Sierra and Griffin Wagner, and all of their hustling line mates, neutralized Cathedral’s Joe Martin, one of the region’s best faceoff men, playing him to a standstill, wearing him down and depriving Cathedral of one their best weapons. The defense of Sam McGrath, Matt Gagne, Charlie Sullivan and Colin Schmitt played well in front of goalie Richard Al-Husseini and did an outstanding job of winning loose balls and passing the ball up field to the midfielders and attack, fueling the transition game. Sam, in fact, took it all the way on one up field rush and scored when he blasted a shot past the Cathedral goalie. Sophomores Jake Heger, Nathan Brooks and freshman, Joe Volk, made contributions and played very well with each scoring their first varsity points. Tom McKeown (attack), Will Spallino (longstick D), sophomores, and David Whalen (goal), freshman, received extended minutes of action.


Goals: Smith (3), McKenna (3), Travers (2), Thor (2), Heger (2), Reardon, McGrath, Sierra, Wagner, Brooks, Parker, Cresci, Sullivan

Assists: Smith (3), Brooks (3), Reardon, Thor, Wagner, Dendievel, Volk, Parker, Cresci, Brown


LHS 8 / Medfield 14 (State Championship) 6/16/07                                             FINAL RECORD  19 – 4

A magical ending wasn’t in the cards today as LHS fell at home to Medfield by a 14 to 8 score in the state division II title game. With the defeat the team finished the season with a record of 17 wins, 6 losses and a final state ranking of #4 on (out of 152 teams!). Down 6 to 5 at halftime the team struggled against intense Medfield pressure and after twelve straight wins ran out of gas in the last 24 minutes of the last high school game played in Massachusetts for the 2007 season. Throughout the game goalie Mike Carlson stood out. Seniors Jack Lake, Jack Steele, Andrew Hayes, Jimmy McGoldrick and prep school transfers Ben Liebel and David Thor all played their last games for LHS. Each player gave his all in the championship game. For the season there were a number of outstanding performances that made the record books. Jack Lake, with 46 goals on the season, had the fourth most goals ever by a LHS midfielder while David Thor, who finished the season with 36 goals, had the ninth best goal scoring season ever for a LHS midfielder. With his fantastic season, David, was able to join his uncles Ed and Rob Carey in the LHS record book. James Reardon finished the year with 193 career points and is poised to shatter Ed Carey’s career record of 254 points during his senior season. Kyle Smith, with 107 points on the year (fifth best single season ever) became only the third LHS player to have at least 50 goals and 50 assists in the same season. While it’s not a category in the record book Jimmy McGoldrick took approximately 375 faceoff’s for the season (I forgot to keep track at the Pinkerton and Northampton games). For anyone that has tried facing off, it is exhausting work. Jimmy and line mates Charlie Sullivan and Niko Sierra did an awesome job all season.

After the game the players dealt with the defeat with class and grace and appeared ready to move on to next season. The 2008 season is only 9 months away, and so much depth and talent returns. Coming back LHS returns its’ top 3 scorers, and many fine midfielders and defensemen. 2007 brought back the swagger to LHS lacrosse. I can’t wait for 2008!


Goals: Lake (2), Smith (2), Steele (1), Reardon (1), Thor (1), Brown (1)

Assists: Lake (1), Steele (1)



LHS/Algonquin 6/13/07

LHS methodically took apart central mass champ, Algonquin, by a 15 to 6 score at Westborough high school on an unseasonably cold day. With the win the LHS boys program earned its’ 30th appearance in the state championship game, and will be seeking its 17th title against top ranked Medfield, the eastern mass champion. In what amounts to a real tribute to the lacrosse tradition in Longmeadow, the game will be played Saturday at 4pm on the LHS stadium field immediately after the conclusion of the girls’ championship game, as the girls take on Framingham in their bid for a state title. Play with heart and hustle on Saturday, with the knowledge that you are in a long line of those that have worn the LHS jersey. Good luck to all!


Goals: Reardon (4), Thor (4), Brown (3), Lake (3), McGoldrick (1)

Assists: Reardon (1), Smith (5), Steele (2)



LHS/South Hadley 6/11/07

Big players play big in big games. That phrase was never truer than today. With the team hitting on all cylinders, LHS destroyed South Hadley 16 to 4 at the LHS football stadium to win the Western Mass lacrosse title for the 31st time. The team led 9 to 1 at halftime and finished off their opponent with a 5-0 fourth quarter blanking. South Hadley, a team on a mission, never got it going and its’ star player, Umass bound Ryan Marcus, was held without a point as Ben Liebel (and the entire defense) marked him closely all game. Every player that stepped on the field hustled and played unselfishly. Gavin Parker played meaningful minutes and came up huge. His hustle play on a ground ball with just under three minutes to go in the first half, along the far side line, was typical of the effort put forth all game by LHS players. He would score later and add an assist, as well. Sam McGrath was a rock with many stops and ground balls. Sam was also outstanding clearing the ball. Mike Carlson had many saves and looked sharp throughout the game, particularly with his outlet passing. Jack Steele played like a champion and made numerous plays that will never be seen in a box score. Face off domination early in the game by Jimmy McGoldrick and outstanding wing play from Nikko Sierra and Charlie Sullivan set a tone to the game from the start for which South Hadley had no ability to counter. Derek Brown, with five goals, easily played his best game of the year. This writer has seen a lot of games played over the years and this was among the best team efforts I’ve ever witnessed. My congratulations to all on an exceptional effort, there is no doubt I speak for many friends and family. There is still additional business to take care of. Up next, on Wednesday is Algonquin, for the right to play at home in the state title game this Saturday against either Medfield or Concord Carlisle. Good luck!


Goals: Brown (5), Smith (3), Reardon (1), Thor (2), Lake (1), Parker (1), Steele (1), McGoldrick (1), Wagner (1)

Assists: Smith (1), Reardon (3), Thor (1), Lake (1), Parker (1), Sierra (1)



LHS/Westfield 6/7/07

A misfiring LHS lacrosse team woke up right before halftime, scoring three goals in the last minute to overcome a 4 to 6 deficit and take a most unlikely 7 to 6 lead into the break. The white and black came out in the third quarter ready to play, leaving the tentativeness of the first 23 minutes behind them, the team outscored Westfield by an 8 to 3 margin in the second half on its’ way to a well deserved 15 to 9 victory. The offense was led by James Reardon and Kyle Smith, who combined for 14 points. Charlie Sullivan had his motor in gear and played a gem of a game as he had numerous ground balls, clearing plays and defensive stops. Mike Carlson, who got better as the game went along, had five fourth quarter saves to snuff out any Westfield hopes for a comeback. Up next, on Monday, with the Western Mass title on the line in the winner of the South Hadley/Minnechaug game.


Goals: Reardon (6), Smith (5), Steele (1), Thor (2), Brown (1)

Assists: Reardon (1), Smith (2), Steele (3), Brown (1), Sierra (2), Lake (2)



LHS/West Springfield 6/5/07.

In a first round playoff game #1 Longmeadow defeated #8 West Springfield, 20 to 7, in a game played on the LHS varsity football field. West Springfield, in their first playoff game ever, showed up ready to play and only trailed by one at the end of the first quarter, 3 to 2. As usual, faceoff’s played a large role in the contest and the face off line of McGoldrick, Sierra and Sullivan combined to win more 80% of their draws. Eventually, Longmeadow’s greater talent overwhelmed the Westside defense and the team took an 18 to 6 lead into the fourth quarter. Up next, if Mass Live is to be believed, is dangerous Westfield, a one goal winner over Amherst, 12-11.


Goals: Smith (4), Brown (3), Reardon (4), Lake (2), McGoldrick (2), Travers (1), Thor (1), McKenna (1), Wagner (1), Parker (1)

Assists: Smith (5), Brown (3), Reardon (1), Lake (1), Travers (1), Dendieval (1), Baker (1)



2007 Awards.

Varsity award winners for the 2007 season are as follows:

Most Improved: Niko Sierra
Most Courageous: David Thor
Coaches Award: Jimmy McGoldrick
Defensive Player Award: Ben Liebel
Offensive Player Award: Jack Lake
All American: Jack Lake
Academic All-American: Jack Steele
Booster Club Award: Bill & Cathy Togneri




LHS/Agawam 5/29/07.

LHS wrapped up the regular season with a resounding 15-2 win over an outmanned Agawam squad. During the game, Jimmy McGoldrick, Griffin Wagner and Steve McKenna all scored their first goals of the year! With the victory, the Lancers finished the regular season with a record of 13 wins and 5 losses. The team now awaits the Western Massachusetts playoff bracket announcement later this week and the commencement of the post season.


Goals: Smith (1), Travers (3), Thor (3), Reardon (2), McKenna (2), Dendieval (1), Wagner (1), McGoldrick (1), Brown (1)

Assists: Smith (5), Travers (1), Reardon (1), Dendieval (1), Wagner (1), Steele (2), Sierra (1), Parker (1), Baker (1)



LHS/Minnechaug 5/25/07.

In a tense and exciting game where every possession mattered, LHS defeated Minnechaug for the second time this season, by an 8 to 6 score on the LHS varsity field. The game was in doubt until the final minute of the contest when Jack Lake scored on a man up play to secure the final margin of victory. The extreme heat of the day resulted in Coach Rauseo going very deep into the bench for his substitution pattern and contributions were made by many players.


Goals: Lake (4) Reardon (3), Steele (1)

Assists: Thor (3), Brown (1), Steele (1)



LHS/Westfield 5/23/07.

LHS blasted Westfield by an 8 to 1 first quarter margin and coasted to a 16-7 win on a beautiful sunny day at the LHS varsity field. LHS extended the lead at halftime to 11-2 and led 15-5 entering the fourth quarter. Team offensive and defensive execution throughout the game was solid. Rich Travers scored twice in the victory. With his first goal coming on a fantastic individual effort when he batted the Westfield goalie’s clearing pass out of the air, caught the ball, turned, shot and scored, all in the blink of an eye.

Up next, on Friday, is Minnechaug, win and LHS is the probable top seed going into the Western Mass playoffs!


Goals: Reardon (4), Smith (1), Brown (3), Thor (3), Steele (2), Travers (2), Lake (1)

Assists: Reardon (2), Smith (4), Brown (1), Steele (1)



LHS/Amherst 5/18/07.

What a difference three weeks makes! Avenging a surprising 13-12 loss on April 24th, LHS rolled over Amherst by an 18 to 6 score at a cold and windy LHS varsity field. Amherst attackman, Josh Hawkins, who was the unquestioned star of game one, was held in check the entire afternoon by an inspired LHS defense. LHS played well and unselfishly throughout the contest, with nine players factoring in the point column. Jimmy McGoldrick’s face off domination turned the contest into a “make it/take it” game for the LHS offense. During the game, Gavin Parker, scored his first goal of the season, and Niko Sierra scored a season high two goals and consistently cleared the ball to the offensive zone with his hard charging style of play.


Goals: Reardon (4), Smith (2), Thor (4), Lake (3), Steele (1), Brown (1), Sierra (2), Parker (1)

Assists: Reardon (2), Smith (3), Lake (1), Steele (2), Brown (2), Wagner (1)



LHS/Northampton 5/17/07.

Showing the effects of a nine day layoff, LHS fell behind early, spotting Northampton a 2-0 lead, only to methodically pound out twelve of the next thirteen goals before finally prevailing, 12-6. Richard Al-Husseini went all the way in goal for LHS to get the win. Jack Steele, who scored once and assisted on another goal, played a particularly strong game for LHS.


Goals: Smith (4), Reardon (2), Lake (2), Steele (1), Thor (2), Brown (1)

Assists: Smith (1), Reardon (3), Lake (2), Steele (1), Brown (1)



LHS/Minnechaug 5/8/07.

Derek Brown’s goal, off an assist from Niko Sierra, with 4 minutes to go proved to be the game winner as LHS outlasted Minnechaug in a tense and ragged game by an 8 to 7 score in Wilbraham. Both teams were evenly matched as evidenced by the fact that the score was tied at the end of each of the first three periods of play. Derek scored a season high four points and assists were registered on all eight LHS goals. Charlie Sullivan, at long stick mid, and goalie, Mike Carlson, who had several spectacular saves, stood out. The LHS midfielders and defensemen worked very hard in front of Mike and limited the number of quality shots that Minnechaug was able to get on net over the course of the game.


Goals: Brown (2), Reardon (1), Thor (2), Lake (2), Steele (1)

Assists: Brown (2), Reardon (2), Smith (3), Sierra (1)



LHS/South Hadley 5/1/07.

LHS led 9 to 5 after three quarters of play, only to watch South Hadley score the final five goals of the game to win in overtime, 10 to 9, on the LHS varsity field. The team played hard throughout the game and had numerous chances to put South Hadley away. However, the bounces just didn’t break our way. With their win, South Hadley earned a split of the regular season series. Jack Lake scored four goals to lead the offense, and the defense had another strong outing, particularly clearing the ball. With the loss LHS dropped to 5-5 on the season, with four of those losses coming by a total of six goals.

This Friday, the team will face a 7-2 Westfield squad in a critical Western Mass game and on Sunday will play the State’s second ranked team, Medfield, at home. According to, LHS has the fifth toughest schedule in the State (out of 152 teams). By comparison, Medfield has the 41st toughest schedule. Included in their 10 wins was a one-goal victory over Glastonbury, CT, a team that we have played well against in scrimmages the past two seasons. This anonymous writer likes our chances on Sunday. Win or lose, come playoff time, this team will have been tested against the very best and be an extremely tough out for any opponent.


Goals: Lake (4), Brown (1), Steele (1), Smith (1), Thor (1), Reardon (1)

Assists: Brown (1), Steele (1), Smith (1), Thor (1),